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We have a long term, esoteric vision and we aim to achieve it together. We are a community oriented vision with each of our farms. We have a well experienced development team and we chose to build our Yield Farm on the next No.1 Platform: Polygon. This is an experimental DeFi protocol; we will take each lesson learned from each farm, moreover, the input of our community and apply as we continue to build out our solar system.

Our DeFi experiments have been working! Bigger staples have started to take notice. We have been raising the bar and they're and following our lead!

After exploring several yield farming models we decided to use a low emission rate, low supply, expanding farming approach to our solar system. This model has helped and will help explorers earn maximum yields over a long period of space-time. Buyback and burns will help stabilize a price floor for long term explorers.

Emission rate (which reduces depending on a number of factors). Deposit fees will be used for new layer improvements, burns, marketing, dev fees and liquidity of future farms. Every new cycle will feature a new farm for its respective sign. Please check individual mission layers for our new emission rates.

Our mission is to create one single space where farmers can become explorers and they will grow, as we do. Our vision will provide explorers with a much needed solution to farms being exploited and with a now prevalent and inherent problem: teams splitting up and liquidity being dumped.

The $LEO Twist

We introduced our community to our first token, LEO and inspired them as we teased them with the upcoming Leo mission; our first exploration (farm) on Polygon. We however, we had a surprise Loyalty Rewards System in our "actual" Zodiac Roadmap; this has now been updated to reflect our plans. Unbeknownst to our community, our primary objective was to launch our first mission as Cancer. The Reward: The LEO Token is our community/governance token and has immediate utility for exploration in the Cancer Mission. In addition, the CANCER Token was also launched ahead of the Cancer Exploration Mission. As a project, another key focus is, to provide safe and sustainable solutions that solve the hardest problems in the space. To affirm this, our smart contracts have been fully audited by Paladin. This confirmation of the safety and security of our farms, is part of why so many people will explore with AstroFarms™. We will not release code unless we know it's safe and, we will not release code unless we believe it somehow creates a utility for each of our tokens. This is the gravity of the AstroFarms™ space and, what keeps explorers centered in our projects. On our second and third layer, we decided to include RugDoc KYC's . Utility, incentives and decentralization are at the very core the AstroFarms™ framework. One solar system that unleashes the potential of crypto, yield farming and one token to empower the solar system.

AstroFarms™ Cancer, was the first flight mission in our multi stage solar system. You will receive the Best Yields, Utilities and More; an all in one constellation with AstroFarms™. We will be constantly adding new utilities to LEO, and current farming tokens. We have many surprises to unveil, as we explore the universe together.


All investments have risks. Do not invest more that you feel comfortable losing. We intend to ensure you are profitable but you should always use a proper risk management.

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