AMA MATIC News 09/28/21

AMA With Matic News 09/28/21

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:03]


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Terra Luna Soldier, [28.09.21 12:03]

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GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:03]

Welcome back to MaticNews! First of all congratulations for the level reached of TVL and Market cap! Since the last AMA I can see a good growth members and results, great! Are you satisfacted of the results?

Jupiter, [28.09.21 12:04]

Well thanks for having us!!

Jupiter, [28.09.21 12:04]

Thank you! We are pleased with our results however, we have a clear vision to really become a much larger scale protocol. We have clear goals and we are working very hard to achieve them. That’s one of the main reasons we are striving to be so innovative.

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:05]

[In reply to Jupiter]

That’s exactly why we invite you here today 💪🏻😎

If someone don’t know Astrofarm, why should invest in it instead of the other thousands of farms? Give a small introduction to new subscribers about the project and team!

Venus, [28.09.21 12:06]

If you are new to AstroFarms, you’ll see we have A LOT going on. Most investors are used to traditional yield farming: Buy, stake, sell and earn. This is the foundation of AstroFarms as well however, approximately 90 days ago when we started this journey, we knew we wanted to provide way more value than traditional farms. ✨

Venus, [28.09.21 12:07]

We do vaults however, we have our own spin on them with our blackholes, wormholes that do different things to provide utility and keep you earning in different ways. 👍♎️

Of course, our AstroPowerUP NFTs are a fantastic way to earn more. 💰😁

Jupiter, [28.09.21 12:08]

We’ve recently established games as well, where you can earn $LIBRA when you play.

We have our $Karma Token….

In truth, if you are an investor, you’ll want to at least head over to our Telegram: just to check us out. We all should be doing our own due diligence anyway. I’m betting you find it worth your while!

You can also read about the cool things of our $LEO token. It’s our community token and will eventually be our governance token.

Jupiter, [28.09.21 12:08]

Here is the link:

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:10]

[In reply to Venus]

And we will try to give in today’s AMA an introduction about everything that you need to know.😁

Venus, [28.09.21 12:10]


GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:10]

[In reply to Jupiter]

Which is the new layer name and why did you choose this name?

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:10]

[In reply to Venus]

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Jupiter, [28.09.21 12:11]

A very accepting community! We love it here!

Venus, [28.09.21 12:11]

Our new layer is our Libra Mission. ♎️

We have a 12 layer plan, following the Esoteric Astrology. Libra is the corresponding sign and next will be Scorpio! ♏️

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:11]

[In reply to Venus]

[ GIF ]

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:12]

Does your past tokens $NEPTUNE, $LEO, $CANCER, $VIRGO are still possible to use use in your new layer ?

Jupiter, [28.09.21 12:13]

Not in a traditional sense. During our last layer, we came up with a unique use case for past layer tokens and a system to aid in growth of future layers. We’re using our blackholes for investors to deposit their old AstroFarms tokens and earn $KARMA in return. There’s a bit of information behind this but for now, I’ll leave you with the main goals for doing this.

1. For investors who still owned tokens that were now less utility to get something in return.

2. To funnel past layers into new liquidity on layers going forward.

3. To help stabilize the price of the current layer token.

Venus, [28.09.21 12:13]

Jupiter, [28.09.21 12:13]

This article will explain it more ^

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:14]

Excellent, I have a question too about your ecosystem in a couple

Venus, [28.09.21 12:14]

Can’t wait!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:14]

Regarding your native token of the layer, Do tell us which is are the use cases of $LIBRA ?

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:15]

[In reply to Venus]


Venus, [28.09.21 12:16]

Oh man! We got a lot going on for $LIBRA and it’s really Awesome. I’m just copying and pasting from our Medium Article which, you can read the full article here:

Here’s what you can currently do with $LIBRA:

Create LPs and farm with higher APRs in our Crop Circles

Single staking in our Cryo Pool farming for more $LIBRA

Purchasing NFTshields for your AstroPowerUP NFTs.

Using your Libra Tokens in our Blackholes to swap them into $KARMA tokens.

Earning $LEO dividends in out $LEO AstroVault. This one is exciting! 1% of the entrile $LEO supply is being given away.

You can stake your $LIBRA tokens in another AstroVault for $GBNT. With $GBNT you can play over at PolyPulsar, Poly Galactic Hunter games to win free $LIBRA

Inside our Wormholes you can earn WETH and WBTC rewards in dividend style payouts- and you get your deposited $LIBRA tokens back at the end of the Wormholes!

Jupiter, [28.09.21 12:16]

Here’s a link to a Medium article where you can see all of this and there are links directing to each use case.

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:19]

Wow. A lot of features. Long time that I don’t see that much for a farm token. Nice. Regarding liquidity, Is there any plans to expand LP to other DEXs? At the moment you use Quickswap.

Jupiter, [28.09.21 12:20]

Yeah, we are working very hard to bring a faced paced, exciting and profitable venture for investors. Plus… It makes farming WAY more fun!!

We do have plans to expand to other DEXs. It’s too early to discuss this at the moment… perhaps though, there will be and AstroSwap one day too 😏

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:21]

[In reply to Jupiter]

Oh well!!! This is a very big news.

I hope will come in the next layers! Looking forward to test it out 😏

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:21]

KEY QUESTION: Explain us the most important features of this layer!

Jupiter, [28.09.21 12:22]

I don’t even know where to begin! If I had to chose, I would have say the blackholes are so important with providing liquidity for future layers and for stabilizing the the price for $LIBRA longer.

Venus, [28.09.21 12:22]

As well the wormholes are a super cool way of us being able to rewards our current layer token holders, in this case $LIBRA, for staking and also being able to lock up tokens to hold price up to provide healthy sustainable farming for everyone in our AstroFam 🔮✨

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:27]

How blackholes and wormholes works?

Venus, [28.09.21 12:30]

Our Blackholes are a way to move liquidity and user base from older layer farms and tokens to newer. A AstroFarms user would take their tokens for example, $CANCER, $NEPTUNE, $VIRGO tokens and put them into the blackhole similar to depositing into a typical vault.

Their tokens be withheld snd used for future layer liquidity snd in return they will receive our $KARMA token.

Then karma can be used to farm with as well as be used to blackhole into our brand new layer tokens as our initial stake-to-earn stealth launches. This helps avoid bots too which was awesome for $LIBRA launch.

Venus, [28.09.21 12:30]

Now the wormholes…

Jupiter, [28.09.21 12:30]

There really was A LOT of thought that went in to these new features. A lot of back end mapping out scenerios of what could happen, what we wanted to happen and how it would benefit the project and the investors a like. Venus did a pretty good summary for you and here is a more in depth look:

Venus, [28.09.21 12:31]

The wormholes are awesome!! They are basically just like vaults but they have a token lock up period that allows stakers to receive rewards whenever they choose to harvest but their tokens will remain staked in the work holes until the end of the wormholes listed below each wormholes card on our farms website! 😁

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:32]

Thank you @AstroDevVenus and @AstroDevJupiter for the further explanation

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:33]

I think it’s something really cool that deserved an “extra explanation”

Jupiter, [28.09.21 12:33]

our pleasure!

Venus, [28.09.21 12:33]

Of course!!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:34]

Tell us more about the AstroPowerNFTs ! I see a kind of unique system behind them.

Jupiter, [28.09.21 12:35]

These are a seemingly complex multiplier system. If you take a few minutes to understand them though (and ask questions in our community TG of course), you can find an easy way to get your hands on a 2x multiplier on our farms. So if you’re new to yield farming what that means is, if you deposit $1000, it’s like you deposited $2000. Earning twice as much!

I will share an article that explains them more however, it was written when we did not have a Libra Shield or Libra AstroPowerUP at the time. The multiplier amounts change as we add new layer NFTs. They will always add up to 2X though.

The most important thing to keep in mind is, you MUST own the shield (purchased with corresponding tokens) in order to prevent your AstroPowerUp NFT from burning.

Venus, [28.09.21 12:36]

Here’s the article: 🙃✨

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:39]

I suggest everyone to look at the docs and most important understand the system. For personal experience when you tried to use it you will figure out that’s it’s a very cool utility system for the NFTs.

Jupiter, [28.09.21 12:39]

Oh that’s great feedback!

Jupiter, [28.09.21 12:39]

It never get’s old to hear it!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:40]

[In reply to Jupiter]

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GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:40]

Many people in our group invested in Astrofarms after first AMA, how the new layer will benefit past and new hodlers?

Venus, [28.09.21 12:40]

As we mentioned above, we’re providing solutions for investors still holding old layer tokens. In addition, we were able to beat bots on the launch of $LIBRA by implementing our new strategies. Of course, working towards securing liquidity as we grow.

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:41]

[In reply to Venus]

Will be possible use actual tokens in the future right?

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:41]

(With some kind of mechanism as now)

Venus, [28.09.21 12:42]

You can use old layer tokens to swap into karma through our Blackholes, and another main utility is to be able to buy NFT multiplier shields with those tokens.

But future layer tokens this will be possible again yes. 👍 shields, Blackholes and wormholes will always be active moving forward and whatever else we come up with as we continue to develop.

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:44]

[In reply to Venus]

Thanks for the confirmation!

Jupiter, [28.09.21 12:44]

It’s a common question!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:44]

[In reply to Jupiter]

Yes very important for users

Jupiter, [28.09.21 12:44]

Especially when we are continually experimenting and actively trying to explore exciting things not yet done before.

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:45]

[In reply to Jupiter]

That’s how should work in DEFI. It’s time to innovate this system.

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:45]

Which is the actual emission rate? Will it change after the launch?

Jupiter, [28.09.21 12:47]

We definitely think so. I mean, you can do traditional farming and we offer it but man oh man is it more exciting and more fun in the community to be creative. Especially when it’s working!

Our emission rate is 0.05 $LIBRA/block. We have no plans to change this.

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:49]

[In reply to Jupiter]

There is so much to explore, this is just the start of the future of the new financial system. We will see which model will work better and for which “use”.

Thx for the clarify emission.

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:50]

Let’s talk about the tokenomics of this fourth layer which is yours and why did you choose this! Do your new tokens (libra and karma) have tx fees?

Venus, [28.09.21 12:53]

We have Max supply for $LIBRA of 60,000. LIBRA was deployed with an initial supply of Virgo was 10,000.

You can view our Docs for all details. As well, no tokens are ever minted to the team. Our goal has always and, will always be, to make it as fair for every individual investor as possible.

We also put a 370 day DX liquidity lock on all new tokens.

We are doing something fun with our Transaction Fees on this Layer.

We started with 4% deposit fees and since then, we reduced to 3%, We are discussing to reduce them further as well as the farm progresses.

AstroFarms does not charge withdrawal fees.

As for $KARMA, it has no actual dollar equivalent to it as it has no liquidity. It is able to be used for farming on our Astro Farm layers as well as a transition token to be swapped through our Blackholes into new layer tokens for our stake-to-earn stealth launches. So no there is no tx fees

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:56]

[In reply to Venus]

😎, Besides this, how are revenue being generated for the project itself that could be used on future development?

Venus, [28.09.21 12:58]

From our AstroPowerUP NFTs, deposit fees in non-native pools, as well as We’re experimenting with a few other cool ideas as well. We tried merch however, we did not find it was a good use of funds as our community is still smaller. We’re only few months old!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:59]

[In reply to Venus]

But you are doing nice progress and “testing” some nice features ;)

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:59]

That’s what it count!

Jupiter, [28.09.21 12:59]


GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 12:59]

Talking about security side, you had previous layers KYCed and Paladin autied, why did you choose to skip them for this layer?

Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:00]

Solid question. We’re actually very glad you asked this.

The short answer is cost for value. They are an excellent bunch over at RugDoc and Paladin however, the charge a lot of money for unnecessary duplication and nothing recorded different but allow explain.

Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:03]

It is $5,000 for a RugDoc KYC. We are NOT going to rug anyone who invests however, let’s say for a moment that happened. We’ve already paid RugDoc $10,000 for two KYC’s. I’m fairly certain they’d still report us to the authorities if we did the unthinkable lol

Paladin charges $4,000 for an audit. They wanted to charge $4,000 to audit the same code again. I recently wrote an article teaching people how to compare the code and see the differences themselves. In my opinion, investors should take the time to educate themselves on this skill anyway.

When you compare the code yourself, you quickly see that the only things changed were lines in the code that were unnecessary lines in the the previous Virgo layer (according to Paladin’s audit), all things VIRGO were changed to LIBRA and we had to add the Libra AstroPowerUP NFT’s. So, $4000 for about 5–10 minutes work lol.

This was a tough decision for us because they are both excellent companies, providing to the best of their abilities, the utmost security.

We do feel however, it’s a little unjustified to expect all of us (honest) developers to keep paying over and over for the same thing.

Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:04]

Here’s a link to the Medium I wrote teaching you how to compare the code yourself:

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 13:05]

Thanks for explain your decision with us, I appreciate that you take in good way the question

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 13:05]

What I always say is: don’t trust no one but start to learn how to read simple codes

Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:06]

You are correct. Just a little time invested before jumping right in to invest!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 13:06]

This is the key to start farming in a “safer” way

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 13:06]

[In reply to Jupiter]

It’s part of the process

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 13:06]

Or one day you will get rekt

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 13:06]


Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:06]

Trouble is all the “bad” sources. Take your time, find the ones you can value and trust. Just do your best!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 13:08]

[In reply to Jupiter]


GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 13:08]

Do you have a road map or long term plans that you can share with us?

Terra Luna Soldier, [28.09.21 13:09]

[In reply to Jupiter]

[ GIF ]

Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:09]

You are welcome to view our roadmap on our whitepaper but we have to warn you! We like to keep people guessing and love to be full of surprises! So far, you’d have to confirm with our community but it seems, its going very well!! We have a “loose” road map with many experimental protocols we’d like to bring to our missions.

Our roadmap is constantly changing as we take in new data and build out the new features!

What is set in stone is one new layer for each astrological season and each new mission will have at least one new feature to experiment and test with, working towards the final mission. One neat thing we were working on was the ability to burn all the native tokens through incentives and purchases that will directly give investors some cool rewards for the final mission instead of having a farm that is going to be filled with a zodiac of our different tokens!

AstroPower NFT’s, Blackholes, Wormholes and more to come!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 13:12]

[In reply to Jupiter]

[ GIF ]

Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:13]

WAAAAAY FURTHER!! Interstellar Misson!

Venus, [28.09.21 13:13]

[ 🤑 Sticker ]

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 13:13]

Smart choice evolve the roadmap based on community feedbacks

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 13:13]

[In reply to Venus]

[ 🤣 Sticker ]

Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:14]


GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 13:14]

And last question, what do you think about the actual moment of polygon network?

Venus, [28.09.21 13:15]

We love the community here. We love the technology here. We love the fast and cheap transactions and we LOVE the projects that are being created and coming over to this platform. Our goal is to add tremendous value to these projects and this platform! 🔮✨🙃

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 13:16]

Thanks guys to come here to explain the updates about your community

Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:16]

We will!

Venus, [28.09.21 13:16]

Always a pleasure!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 13:16]

We do appreciate it and that you replied in a complete way to all questions

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 13:16]

Would you like To add something more before i open the chat?

Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:16]

[Forwarded from Mercury (LIBRA.AstroFarms.Finance)]

[ Photo ]


🚀 We are launching a MEME Contest for our members. Whoever creates the best Astro Farms or Astrology related MEME wins. Can be funny, serious, casual, whatever you like.

⏳Contest will run for the next 3 Days. Dev team will pick our favorites and announce the winner.

🏆Winner will receive 25 $LIBRA! 👀

✅Submit your MEMES via our Telegram Chat or our Twitter

🍀 Good luck to everyone, we are looking forward to seeing all your MEME ideas!

Venus, [28.09.21 13:17]

[ 😆 Sticker ]

Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:17]

[In reply to GP {BETODRIVE}]

It’s our pleasure!

Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:17]

[ 💥 Sticker ]

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 13:17]

[In reply to Jupiter]

I hope

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 13:17]

Nice Countach lol

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 13:18]


When it is unmuted, you can ask your questions from the guests and they will reply to your questions for approximately 15 minutes (or as long as they want).

We are probably the most active group on Polygon and I know many of you will ask your own questions, so please be patient with the guests!

Don’t forget, in order to be eligible for the rewards, please follow all accounts in the last pinned message!

This ask me anything (AMA) session is for general information purposes only! The messages you read here in this group during the AMA and outside the AMA are not investment advice! Please do your own research!

AMA recap will be shared at @maticnews_com


Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:19]

Guys! We have a big meeting to get to so we will answer your questions as fast as we can for 20 minutes. We will end up missing some so two options!:

Join our TG. It’s and ongoing AMA in there:

I will update this AMA on our docs and Medium with the missing answers!!

Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:21]


Queen, [28.09.21 13:21]

Please how can I prevent my NFTs from burning please, are we purchasing the shield first,,??and why are you constantly changing up your ROAD MAP?? How can I also view the NFT??

Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:22]

[In reply to Queen]

You prevent the burn by buying the shield first. This gave us a unique way to get old tokens back. You purchase the shield from our site:

you purchase the NFT from opensea:

Jean Pierre Hernandez🛸👽, [28.09.21 13:21]

How many farm tokens in total does the AstroFarms ecosystem currently have, what possible competitive differences can each of these possess and finally by what means can I be aware of an upcoming farm token that AstroFarms is going to launch, do I have to pay some kind of exclusive access for it or is it totally free and equitable?

Venus, [28.09.21 13:24]

[In reply to Jean Pierre Hernandez🛸👽]

Currently there is $LEO our governance token which has a max supply of 100 tokens and can’t be farmed but can be used to farm in all Astro Layers.

Then there is $CANCER $NEPTUNE $VIRGO and $LIBRA.

You can be aware well in advance if everyone else on token launches by becoming apart of our LEO community group on telegram. You will need to hold 0.05 LEO to enter. Feel free to discuss this more in our telegram chat to gain entry etc!

RIN, [28.09.21 13:21]

I see you working Singular what do you build with Singular?

Venus, [28.09.21 13:25]

[In reply to RIN]

We were the very first farm to be launched in their New melting pots which are currently paying out $LIBRA tokens. They are also running banner ads for us and will be hosting another AMA for their community with the time tba very soon.

@AstroDevJupiter @AstroDevVenus

Mon Mon, [28.09.21 13:21]

Why don’t you choose another audit company like Certik or someone else to audit this layer ? It can avoid the repetition of work with the same audit team, and also help users to not worry when using your products. To be honest, i know the cost is a problem, but I think audit is still important because it is difficult for most people to understand the codes.

Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:24]

[In reply to Mon Mon]

We began to look into this and may go with someone however, as a team and decided with our LEO Community, we felt like investors should learn this skill. Everyone complains about getting rugged all the time. Why not prevent it yourself! It’s really quite simple to learn!

Cool Hi, [28.09.21 13:21]

The DEFI ecosystem faces challenges associated with high transaction costs, high latency, and a lack of multi-chain operability that restricts users from slowly executing derivative transactions seamlessly. What solutions does ASTROFARMS have to address these problems?

Venus, [28.09.21 13:26]

[In reply to Cool Hi]

This is why we chose to build on Polygon to begin with, low tx fees and cross chain is becoming a lot easier.

why always me, [28.09.21 13:21]

Many new cryptocurrency projects develop well at first, but then fail to achieve good results. How will you manage and develop ASTROFARMS project to gain a position in the market and become a successful project in the cryptocurrency?

Venus, [28.09.21 13:27]

[In reply to why always me]

By continual partnerships, awareness, development, and experimentation with cool new features to make yield farming super fun and profitable!

Jim, [28.09.21 13:21]

Can you explain more about some special access Black Holes for NFT holders?

Venus, [28.09.21 13:28]

[In reply to Jim]

The Blackholes can be accessed by anyone holding those tokens to receive karma on the other side. But to use the VIP Blackholes you must hold that NFT and shield combo for that respective blackhole to be eligible to stake/swap to karma in it!

Aprmonster, [28.09.21 13:21]

NFTs will be possible to be used in the next layer or will they be only possibile to use only for this layer number 4? I never used your platform so I don’t know if they was available even in previous layer

Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:28]

[In reply to Aprmonster]

We will be building the NFT collection as we add new layers! In the end, there will be an NFT to match every layer but remember, only 2X multiplier max is in our vison with this set at this time.

Quartz K.Happuch, [28.09.21 13:21]

Why are no tokens being minted for the Devs and is there an AstroDex already for swapping to take place???

Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:30]

[In reply to Quartz K.Happuch]

One of the way devs can rug investors is buy minting themselves some tokens and then selling them slowly (or fast) after token launch. We absolutely have no plans to ever mint tokens to ourselves unless for example, for this layer, we minted enough to send over to PolyCrystal for a partnership.

There is no DEX for us yet… we sure like the sound of it though!

HancerBurak, [28.09.21 13:21]

Security is one of the core concerns when we start investing or dealing in DeFi space. How safe is it in ASTROFARMS when funds are handled, from job creators to wages for the freelancers. Is there any audits etc?

Venus, [28.09.21 13:30]

[In reply to HancerBurak]

Security is the #1 for sure! I couldn’t agree more. We have been very transparent and open with our community from day 1 and we continue to be to gain that trust from our investors. We also incorporate a lot of our investors ideas and proposals. As for audit we were Paladin audited fully for our previous Virgo layer and we have KYCd twice to rugdoc! We answered above during the AMA why we chose not to do so this time as well as a article about it on our Medium channel.

Jin, [28.09.21 13:21]

How long do you think it’s gonna take for the whole CEX to be ready and what will keep the heat alive till then?

Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:31]

[In reply to Jin]

We have a Dapp because we believe wholeheartedly in Decentralized Finance. We will never do CEX

Orina 💎Emine, [28.09.21 13:21]

How can I get a glow around the indication on Virgo please and why did you never have any presale?

I’m just hearing about Astro Farms today and wondering why there wasn’t really presale.

What emission rate did Virgo start with?

Venus, [28.09.21 13:34]

[In reply to Orina 💎Emine]

I’m not sure what you mean by the glow, if you’re referring to UI maybe take this up in our main telegram chat.

As for presale, we have never done this. Our motto is where every star has a chance to shine. So we do stealth launches and now a stake-to-earn way of obtaining new launched tokens through Blackholes!

Please feel free to read more about this as it’s well documented in our telegram, medium documents, and docs.


If you are referring to the glow for AstroPowerUps when you are on the new sites, you need to first purchase the shields and NFTs. When you connect your wallet, they will glow once you own them.

Virgo emissions were 0.05 $VIRGO/Block

Great Day Have fun, [28.09.21 13:21]

How do you intend to attract freelancer to the platform and also equally important how does businesses find out about ASTROFARMS to look for the freelancers? what are the marketing strategies done so far?

Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:33]

[In reply to Great Day Have fun]

I’m not sure you what you mean by freelancer?

CoinTravolta, [28.09.21 13:21]

In your own words, you’re trying to experiment with new concepts and ideas never before seen in the field of yield farming, while at the same time providing your investors with the highest level of safety, security and entertainment. Every project starts with a similar sentence in general terms, so these are already among the main objectives. Considering that you will need more specific products or solutions that offer higher returns in order to attract investors in a highly competitive, narrow liquidity area, how do you use your “Esoteric Astrology” trump card to impress investors and create remarkable products? As a long-term focused team, were you able to create a product range that is both high-yielding and sustainable?

Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:37]

[In reply to CoinTravolta]

We have introduced a great deal and we currently enhancing. Of course we have many new ideas for the future as well. 😉🔥🔥💫


Neptune: At AstroFarms it is about the individual going through this journey and us being the guide for people to learn these things about themselves and develop these skills, all the while being able to guide them into getting there. As well as for us as a platform, growing and learning from these challenges as we work through the zodiac of layers to understand all the challenges of DeFi and eventually come out with layer upon layer of innovation in hopes to solve all the problems that applications face in the DeFi space. DeFi is very much like a young human on their path to discovering who they were meant to be, and we want to help DeFi get to where it was meant to be and we know we are accomplishing this because we see other protocols watching and learning from us. The good and the bad!

anonimkral, [28.09.21 13:21]

Are you considering adding your project Metaverse? It’s been pretty popular lately.

Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:36]

[In reply to anonimkral]

Actually… we have a couple ideas here but, all in due time.

Muhammad Novreysa, [28.09.21 13:21]

Will there be a dashboard with an easy to use and understand UI/UX to see our farming yields/APY/multipliers to get a better understanding of our passive income grow?

Venus, [28.09.21 13:37]

[In reply to Muhammad Novreysa]

For now you can use our farm front end! As well as vfat and polypups new ui!

Yasin DKZ 🏳️, [28.09.21 13:21]

As far as I understand, the AstroFarms ecosystem is a project shaped on the concept and concept of Esoteric astrology. I can’t say that I’m very much interested in astrology, but what I’m really wondering is, can there be a connection between astrology and crypto? That is, if we accept that the signs and planets influence events and phenomena in human life, does your team support the community’s wealth management using astrological techniques? Or is astrology just a part of your concept and a choice to attract the attention of astrology enthusiasts?


Neptune: The primary goal of Esoteric Astrology is to help align the personality with the Soul’s Intent. The esoteric astrologer can help recognize the purpose of the soul functioning within the personality, then give appropriate advice as to how the personality can be directed in ways compatible with the Master Plan of the Soul. Astrology indicates potential and challenge in the life of a personality and can therefore offer direction.

In esoteric astrology it is different, the signs and planets do not influence events and phenomena, but rather, the planets and signs are our own personalized roadmap or owners manual for who you were meant to become. Life is about being faced with challenges and using those experiences to help you grow and become who your meant to become. This growth is never ending. The connection between Crypto and Esoteric Astrology is deep in the way that Crypto, for many of us, presents us with many challenges in this journey. From learning to deal with Greed, to develop patience, to learning how to create community, giving back, financial responsibility and holding yourself accountable. I know a lot of people who before coming in the crypto space were very greedy and impatient, and upon being faced with the challenges they were presented with in the space, came out with a better understanding of what role money plays in their life, and were able to separate from the attachment they had with money.

Newton Young, [28.09.21 13:21]

Have you launched in any chain aside polygon? It no do you plan to launch in another chain and which?

Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:38]

[In reply to Newton Young]

We have discussed this a number of times however, at this time, we are quite happy on Polygon.

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 13:22]

Guys I close @QuatroVision09 please verify questions

Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:40]

Sorry AstroFam! We have a big meeting to get to so we will answer the rest of your questions in the next 48 hours:

2 options:

Join our TG. It’s and ongoing AMA in there:

I will update this AMA on our docs and Medium with the missing answers!!

Venus, [28.09.21 13:40]

Thanks guys!

Venus, [28.09.21 13:40]

[ 🤭 Sticker ]

Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:40]

Thank you very much everyone!!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 13:40]

[In reply to Jupiter]

Thank you guys!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 13:41]

See you soon

Jupiter, [28.09.21 13:41]

[ 😏 Sticker ]

Cool Hi, [28.09.21 13:41]

Thanks ama

Jean Pierre Hernandez🛸👽, [28.09.21 13:41]

Greatest AMA! 🦾🚀

GP {BETODRIVE}, [28.09.21 13:41]

[ 💎 Sticker ]

anonimkral, [28.09.21 13:42]

Great ama

Jean Pierre Hernandez🛸👽, [28.09.21 13:42]

[In reply to Venus]

Thanks a lot for answering my question, everything is clear, success for your ecosystem! 🦾🚀

Serhat, [28.09.21 13:43]

I couldnt ask anything but I read all the ama. It seems very good project👍👍

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