Because it takes too long to count the stars.

Why Polygon?

A: With careful consideration, we chose to build on Polygon. It has the fastest and most inexpensive decentralized transactions in the space. We believe the future lies in multiple layers and exciting new developments. In terms of fees, scaling and that layer 2, will be the catalyst for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. We are already displaying the benefits of building on Polygon through our yield aggregation features in Cancer and Neptune.

❗At the time of writing this, the current price for a transaction on Polygon (Matic) is $0.000175. Even with 5500 transactions, you still won’t pass 1 USD. It is unmatched. AstroFarms™will be the most profitable place to stake or farm the tokens that are built on Polygon.

  • MATIC is $0.000175 USD/Transaction

  • ETH is $1.33 USD/Transaction

  • BSC is $0.27 USD/Transaction

Join us in the supernova that is trading, farming and building on layer 2. Get the best possible yield after you have invested in our Polygon based project.

What will the ticker be? A : The Ticker will be always be the $ASTROLOGYSIGN. For example: $LEO

Where is it listed? A: It will be listed on QuickSwap Exchange

How Can I be sure I won't be rugged? A: We will be reviewed by RugDoc. In addition, we are a fork of Goose which has also undergone heavy audits by various companies. We added key components to our contracts to ensure your safety. Liquidity lock, no team tokens, no minting function and no migrator function are all qualities of a project that need to be enlisted in order to see the stars align. Our Contracts are openly visible on the Explorer and on the blockchain. You can find links to each audit under in the Audits section under Contracts & Security

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