Token Details:

  • Launched Oct 19, 2021

  • Ticker: $SCORPIO

  • Initial Price: $2/Token

  • Chain: Polygon Chain

  • Initial Supply: 10,000 (Will be Locked into the Liquidity Pool)

  • $5000 Initial Liquidity on JetSwap

  • $5000 will be used for buy backs

  • MAX Supply 150,000

  • View liquidity lock Here

  • 5% Transaction Tax on all buys, sells and transfers:

    • This tax will will be used to buy back $LEO.

      $LEO is our Priority and our eventual Governance token. We will always look for ways to incentivize $LEO for the community to hold. We will be distributing this $LEO in two ways:


      -Airdrops to the Community

      -And more

Buy $SCORPIO: https://polygon-exchange.jetswap.finance/#/swap

$SCORPIO Chart: https://polygon.poocoin.app/tokens/0xA0D675533b237D9C1e1Ed3fBCA6b3BF726375ECb

Polygonscan $SCORPIO https://polygon.poocoin.app/tokens/0xA0D675533b237D9C1e1Ed3fBCA6b3BF726375ECb

Emission Schedule:

  • 0.1 $SCORPIO/block

Token Utility:

  • Farm Hero Casino Games

  • Tax used to increase value of LEO

    • Indirectly: Provide $LEO vaults, airdrops and more

  • LP Farm Token

  • Pool Farming

  • Vault Farming

  • NFTShield (for you AstroPowerUP NFTs)

  • Earn $KARMA with Blackhole

  • Astrology Readings (Coming Soon)

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