♌️ $LEO Token

Spirited Fire Signs; The Kings and Queens of the Celestial Jungle.

$LEO is the key to our Community Telegram Group: $LEO: Kings of the Zodiak. You must hold $0.05 $LEO in your Wallet at all times or the Star Gaurd will kick you out.

Community Votes on where the project goes.

Stealth Launch Alerts Minutes Before Announce Channel and Main TG Group.

Eventual Governance Token. One Final Layer, Ownership Will Transfer to DAO.

If you are a $LEO holder and you have more than 0.05 $LEO in your wallet, join this exclusive group by going through the wallet check verification and, become a member!🦁

JOIN https://telegram.me/collablandbot?start=VFBDI1RFTCNDT01NIy0xMDAxNTcwNTE3MjA1


Token Details:

Buy $LEO: https://quickswap.exchange/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xbe8dab8ce8521ecfde43a8ff8d5c6644f4dcecb7

$LEO Chart: https://polygon.poocoin.app/tokens/0xbe8dab8ce8521ecfde43a8ff8d5c6644f4dcecb7

Polygonscan $LEO: https://polygonscan.com/address/0xbe8dab8ce8521ecfde43a8ff8d5c6644f4dcecb7

CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/astrofarms

Token Utility:

  • Stealth Alerts

  • Project Collaboration

  • Eventual Governance

  • LP Farm Token

  • Pool Farming

  • Vault Farming

  • NFTShield (for you AstroPowerUP NFTs)

  • Earn $KARMA with Blackhole

  • $LEO Vault (on our Libra Mission)

  • Astrology Readings (Coming Soon)

$LEO| Kings of the Zodiac — What You NEED To Know

It’s no secret; with AstroFarms we’re always experimenting and adding new features for our users. Why? We want to make yield farming not only profitable but a lot more interesting and fun. We’re presenting tools and utility our investors can use to maximize profits and DeFi experience. It all started with our $LEO token.

When we launched $LEO, our community thought it was going to be a regular farmed token. They were wrong. It was never farmed and emissions never took place. Instead, with a capped 100 max supply, it became our community token and will eventually be used as our governance token; eventually, we’re going to hand AstroFarms over to the DAO.

$LEO launched on June 28. 87 Days ago. $LEO is the key component to the AstroFarms Solar System. In essence, $LEO is the gateway to many perks and benefits within our AstroFam as well, our farms and DeFi Mechanisms. One nice perk: we announce any new token launch, Minutes prior in the Kings chat before sharing with the public. This is exclusive to our VIP community.

$LEO grants holders exclusive access to our “$LEO | Kings of the Zodiac” community. Here, we brainstorm, strategize and the big perk, every announcement goes there first. For example, the Kings knew about our blackholes, long before we launched them. Extra time to make their investment strategy.

In order to be eligible to take part in the “$LEO | Kings of the Zodiac” community and Telegram chat you will need to have at least 0.05 $LEO in your wallet at all times. If you do not maintain this amount of $LEO in your wallet you will be booted from the group by our StarGaurd Bot. You can go through the wallet verification to join the $LEO | Kings of the Zodiac Telegram community group: LEOLINKGROUP

In our liquidity pools and single stake pools, you’ll always receive a much higher multiplier, as $LEO will always have higher allocation points in terms of emissions rates in the current layer farm. On Libra for example, the multiplier is 50x instead of 15x like the other pairs. In our single stake pools, the multiplier is 25x compared to the 5 to 15x of other tokens. You’ll also receive higher rewards for our new $KARMA token — which has no liquidity. You’re going to want to read up on it here.

With more experimentation and fun, AstroPowerUPs were released on August 21. They increase this even more. Although every layer’s NFT will give a multiplier, the Leo AstroPowerUp will always be roughly double, all the other NFTs. With the whole set, you’ll receive a 2x multiplier. You can read up more about the AstroPowerUp NFTs here.

We’ve also included a brand new vault for $LEO on our Libra Mission. For the first time ever, you can stake our native ($LIBRA) and earn $LEO. We feel this provides incredible utility for $LIBRA and our investors.

We have bigger plans for $LEO as well. For example, in the near future, we will be adding reflection to our tokens. What this means, is there will be a tax on new tokens that we will use to buy back $LEO. The biggest thing you should consider is, how did a small, brand new farm, manage to keep a token average it’s price at $3500 over the last 8 weeks? Well short of its small supply, of course. To read more about $LEO contracts and documentation and tokenomics you can view this all here.

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