Each and every one of us, make up the AstroFarms™ constellation.

No Team Tokens OF ANY KIND for any part of the project. EVER.

No team members will own tokens. There will be no transfer to personal or project wallets before the launch, or after. One of the many risks in farming is, far too often, teams get greedy. Developers feel the pressure in the atmosphere when they see their wallet balance grow. They split up and go their separate ways and either, one of the team members or all, end up dumping their tokens. When this happens, no matter how aligned the stars are, the project will certainly die. With no one having the ability to do this within AstroFarms™, there can be no soft or hard rug.

We believe it when we say it, "AstroFarms, where every star has an equal chance to shine".

Please see Cardinal Qualities under Contracts & Security, for additional safety protocols.

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