The wonder of Polaris.

We have been moving fast. Months ahead of schedule, we have even launched our Vaults, right on our first Layer Cancer.

Stay Tuned for new Vaults at any moment!

What are AstroVaults?

One of our many reward systems. One of the main reasons we use our vaults is to give back to our AstroFam. We reward you for holding our tokens. We decided to take a portion of our deposit fee and simply, purchase stables that you want to earn.

We offer 0% transaction fees on our Vaults.

Deposit our natives and earn a variety of different tokens.

Trust us… it’s written in the stars.

Only Possible in AstroFarms™, as we are committed to being THE constellation for Polygon DeFi.

View Vaults on Live Missions. View Vault Contracts under the Contracts tab.

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