AMA MATIC News 08/06/21

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Neptune, [06.08.21 08:03]

Hello Hello!

Jupiter, [06.08.21 08:03]

[In reply to GP {BETODRIVE}]


Neptune, [06.08.21 08:03]

Thanks for having us!

MF, [06.08.21 08:03]

[In reply to Neptune]


Venus, [06.08.21 08:03]


John cena, [06.08.21 08:03]

Succes Guys

Jupiter, [06.08.21 08:03]

We are very happy to be here! Thank you!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:03]


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GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:04]

Let’s kick start with an introduction of you and your team, what are your past experiences and roles?

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:05]

Added all 3 members!

Jupiter, [06.08.21 08:06]

I have been an entrepreneur and business owner for 23 years. I am very well versed in advertising, marketing/promo and running a business. This was always my favourite part of growing my businesses! Approximately 18 months ago, I began to pursue day trading full time. This ultimately led me to crypto and the exciting world of yield farming where I can avidly utilize my skills in a very exciting and fast paced space!

Venus, [06.08.21 08:06]

Hey, I’m Venus, I’m an Engineer, Blockchain Enthusiast, Investor and Developer. I’m involved in all aspects pertaining to the project from, graphic design, marketing, coding, business development, accounting, and social media. I wanna empower people and provide that through DeFi and Yield Farming!

Jupiter, [06.08.21 08:06]

I handle a lot of the communication with the community and the business development side of things.

Neptune, [06.08.21 08:07]

Hello All, I am Neptune, I am the lead dev and game theorist for AstroFarms! I have a certification in Game Design as well as in Esoteric astrology! I have been a business owner for the past 8 years and always loved innovation and solving the worlds greatest problems all while helping heal the planet and creating a better world for people to live in!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:08]

Nice to have you here guys! Thanks for accept our invite!

Neptune, [06.08.21 08:08]

Its our pleasure!

Jupiter, [06.08.21 08:08]


Venus, [06.08.21 08:08]

Thank you!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:09]

Out of curiosity, Why did you choose this name?

Neptune, [06.08.21 08:10]

As an esoteric astrologer myself, this is something I am very passionate about. The primary focus of esoteric astrology is to help align the personality with the soul's intent. An esoteric astrologer can help one to recognize the purpose of their soul functioning within the personality and then provide advice to how the personality can be directed in ways compatible with the master plan of the soul. In choosing this name/theme we are able to also help educate people about esoteric astrology as well as help people look within and discover their purpose and build a community where those seeking purpose or answers will be able to connect with a guide who can help guide them!

Neptune, [06.08.21 08:11]

It also gives us a way for people to keep track of our new missions as they will all be released according to the astrological calendar!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:11]

I really like the name

Venus, [06.08.21 08:12]

🔮✨ Thanks!

Neptune, [06.08.21 08:12]

[In reply to GP {BETODRIVE}]


GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:12]

And the idea in the background, could have a cool development in multiple part of polygon from NFTs to Games. Future proof name :D

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:13]

Talking back about the present, If someone don’t know Astrofarm, why should invest in it instead of the other thousands of farms?

Neptune, [06.08.21 08:15]

Yep totally!! The reason we think people will enjoy investing in AstroFarms is because of our vision and what we are innovating and bringing to the table! What we’re trying to do is experiment with new concepts and ideas that have never been seen before in the yield farming space, all the while providing utmost security, safety and fun to our investors.

Neptune, [06.08.21 08:15]

We are focused on Long term. We have very ambitious plans for some new features we hope to be able to roll out and are always wanting to keep investors engaged and excited!

Neptune, [06.08.21 08:15]

We are building a community to change people’s lives where we can help people grow, help people heal and better their lives.

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:16]

I will back on security and roadmap in couple of questions :)

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:17]

Nice explanation!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:18]

Let’s talk about LPs!

Is there any plans to expand LP to other DEXs? At the moment you use Quickswap.

Venus, [06.08.21 08:19]

Yeah so as far as DEXs and LP go we are still experimenting to find out what works best in the yield farming space. We will be experimenting with other DEXs as well to identify which DEX will be ideal for our grand vision and all investors alike.

Venus, [06.08.21 08:20]

We will be announcing shortly what other plans we have for DEXs 😁

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:20]

[In reply to Venus]

Looking forward to them

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:21]

Nice collaborations always made and increase of investors, it’s all about find the right partners and deals😁

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:21]

Quickswap indeed it’s a perfect partner to start

Venus, [06.08.21 08:21]

Totally! 🙂

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:21]


Do tell us what are the use case of $NEPTUNE, $LEO, $CANCER?

Jupiter, [06.08.21 08:26]

$LEO is our community governance token and at the moment will be highly incentivized on our missions. You could never farm $LEO but you can farm with it; there are only 100 tokens. $LEO is also used as an entry key for our Kings of the Zodiac telegram channel. At the moment, this is where the community votes take places as well as a bunch of other perks. For example, we announce in this group, minutes before we make our next launch.

$CANCER and $NEPTUNE are native mission tokens which are used in mission exploration -Farming, pools, AstroVaults and will eventually be used to pay for services like astrology readings and other esoteric services that we will offer..

AND FOR OUR SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We will be releasing our new vault program called: One Way Mission! Since this is a one way mission, there will be no return and in order to participate you must invest your $NEPTUNE which will be burned forever. Since this mission is very risky, explorers who choose to embark on this one way mission to explore NEPTUNE will be greatly rewarded with our WMATIC Incentive program! I will make an announcement with full details shortly.

We are in the process of finalizing another use case for $CANCER and $NEPTUNE using our NFT. We cannot offer full disclosure at this time, as these details are still in the process of being completed and as a team, we don’t like to create meaningless hype. We want the project and our features to bring the hype!

In addition, we have some interstellar ideas that we are planning on implementing as use cases for our tokens. We’ve been shaking up DeFi from day one. We plan on continuously making waves in the Milky Way.

Neptune, [06.08.21 08:27]

We also do plan creating programs that will burn a majority of our native tokens and replace them with something cool that will give you an edge on the final mission 😎 We don't want to have too many tokens by the end so this will help us keep it clean and simple in the end!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:29]

Thanks for the simple and complete explanation!

Can’t wait to see the “One way mission program” LIVE 🤩🤩🤩

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:29]

Please share here about it💪🏻💪🏻😁

Jupiter, [06.08.21 08:29]

Will do!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:30]

[In reply to Jupiter]

How many layers do you have? Is there any plan to have a new layer?

Venus, [06.08.21 08:33]

We launched Cancer as our first layer, with plans to launch a new layer following the zodiac roadmap. Virgo will be next. Then Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius etc. All together 12 layers were intended for the project however, we are going to continually surprise AstroFans. Just a couple weeks after the Cancer Mission launched, we launched the NEPTUNE Mission as a Parallel to Cancer which also helped us educate people about the astrological signs and their planetary rulers! Every sign has one!

We do have an absolute in mind however, we will continue to be innovative. We intend to lead the way in yield farming. Neptune was not a part of our original plan… but we move very fast!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:35]

[In reply to Venus]

Wow! New layers are going to have new features/exclusive contents?

Neptune, [06.08.21 08:36]

[In reply to GP {BETODRIVE}]

Yep every new layer we will be introducing something new!

Jupiter, [06.08.21 08:37]

It's one of the most exciting parts about adding new layers!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:37]

Looking forward to them!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:38]

Key question about layer is one, How they can give benefit to past and new hodlers?

Jupiter, [06.08.21 08:39]

Members from the start are going to have the best opportunity to take full advantage of what we are offering while still providing the opportunity for those who come later. We want to reward these early investors and we want to do all we can do, to block bots and we want to ENSURE it’s just as fair for EVERYONE and not just allowing whales the advantage.. People that join us in the early stages of exploring the galaxy will take full advantage of all we have to offer when the grand vision has been established.

A quick way to show you how we use our visions and “surprises” to continually benefit our investors is actually, to take a shuttle back to the beginning. We initially launched our LEO token and investors believed that we would also launch a LEO Mission. Instead, a few days later, we surprised explorers with the news: There would be NO Leo mission. Instead, explorers were informed that CANCER was launching and along with the Cancer Mission and that LEO will become our community/governance token.

This immediately rewarded LEO holders. They now held a token with special privileges, rewards and even more so, the price skyrocketed. There are tremendous benefits in “Trusting the Astros”!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:42]

[In reply to Jupiter]

Thanks for explain your plans, hodlers I guess will be be happy to see it! 🚀

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:42]

Which is the final goal of your project?

Neptune, [06.08.21 08:43]

[In reply to GP {BETODRIVE}]

Eventually we will be taking everything we have learned over this astrological year and incorporating it all into our final mission. This mission will be continuous and from there we will no longer be launching new layers.

Neptune, [06.08.21 08:45]

Our true Final goal will be to create a platform where we can connect healers with investors large and small. People that are looking for direction and purpose will have a way to connect with healers or other mediums to help raise the vibrations of the world!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:46]

Taking about the technical side, Let’s talk about the tokenomics, which is yours and why did you choose this! Please tell us that of all layers (currently available)

Neptune, [06.08.21 08:48]

For the first two missions, the plan was to experiment and heavily analyze the data we received. We will be tailoring our tokenomics to create the most stable and safe yield farming experience. We will continue to be playing around with the tokenomics and tweaking them as we move forward.

Neptune, [06.08.21 08:49]

For example, the cancer mission we started with a very low 100 initial supply. This created some unstable price movements as the supply was very low and quickly got overtaken by new tokens being minted and drastically affected the price within the first day.

Neptune, [06.08.21 08:49]

For Neptune, we started with an initial supply of 2500 and noticed a lot more steady price action because the initial supply had not doubled within a few hours.

Neptune, [06.08.21 08:50]

We will be experimenting more to find the most optimal initial supply amounts and emission rates to create the most stable farming experience. We wanted to keep the supply fairly small as we will be doing many quick layers and having a low emission rate will allow for that.

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:52]

I can see from the charts updates are working

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:52]

Most probably in the next layers you will find the perfection tailored to your community

Jupiter, [06.08.21 08:52]

Improving all the time! It's the only way to grow as an individual and a team!

Neptune, [06.08.21 08:52]

Yea and we are always listening to their suggestions and really giving the community a voice!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:53]

[In reply to Neptune]

That’s ALWAYS the key, together to support hodlers with actions.

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:53]

Besides this, how are revenue being generated for the project itself that could be used on future development?

Jupiter, [06.08.21 08:54]

We are using merchandise, (will be using) NFT’s and in the future, we plan on providing services such as astrology readings as well as other types of esoteric healing services. We are also avidly working on bringing in new and creative utilities for our project that will fit into our grand vision. Our main goal at this point remains: reinvest back into the project.

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:56]


GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:56]

Everyday in maticnews we cover multiple projects, some of them are scam or just not safe. How safe is your project, I guess before doing any investment this is one of the area of concern that one will check upon. Are there any audits/KYC done?

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:57]

[In reply to Jupiter]

Ps. Excited to see merchandise and NFTs, will they be build in house or will be any community contest?

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 08:57]

Sorry for the double question :D

Venus, [06.08.21 08:59]

Safety is one of our biggest priorities, As we are aware that there are many un-safe and scam projects being launched all the time. We want to give our AstroFans and Explorers comfort of knowing we can’t hard or soft rug, as well as providing a safe DeFi space to Yield Farm and Explore.

Jupiter, [06.08.21 08:59]

We will be doing it all based on community contests. If there are any designers here, be on the lookout! We've already created the store and our first NFT was designed by a community member. We were just very small at the time of creation.

Venus, [06.08.21 08:59]

We have added:

✅No migrator in MC

✅DX liquidity locks

✅Absolutely No tokens being minted to devs (100% fair stealth token launches)

✅KYC with RugDoc at the time of review

✅Working with Paladin for Audit on Contracts

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 09:00]

[In reply to Jupiter]

Can’t wait as designer to join them 🤩🤩

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 09:00]

[In reply to Venus]

Excellent start!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 09:00]

Do you have a road map or long term plans that you can share with us?

Neptune, [06.08.21 09:02]

[In reply to GP {BETODRIVE}]

Yes we do, it is going to be changing constantly as we take in new data and build out the new features! What is set in stone is one new layer for each astrological season and like we mentioned before, each new mission will have at least one new feature to experiment and test with, working towards the final mission. One cool thing we are working on is to eventually burn all the native tokens through incentives and purchases that will directly give investors some cool rewards for the final mission instead of having a farm that is going to be filled with a zodiac of our different tokens!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 09:04]

[In reply to Neptune]

Looking forward to your astrological plan 👊🏻

Neptune, [06.08.21 09:04]

[In reply to GP {BETODRIVE}]


GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 09:04]

And last question, what do you think about polygon network?

Jupiter, [06.08.21 09:04]

With careful consideration, we chose to build on Polygon. It has the fastest and most inexpensive decentralized transactions in the space!

Neptune, [06.08.21 09:06]

[In reply to GP {BETODRIVE}]

Love what it has brought for the yield farming community!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 09:07]

Indeed it’s growing everyday

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 09:07]

Many new projects and porting from the different chains

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 09:07]

Would you like to add something more before I open the chat to questions?

Neptune, [06.08.21 09:08]

Just make sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming contests and for the stealth launch of Virgo!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 09:09]

[In reply to Neptune]


GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 09:10]

Thanks for your time

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 09:10]

And for the excellent and clear explanations!

Venus, [06.08.21 09:10]

Thank you! ✨😁

Neptune, [06.08.21 09:10]

Glad to be here!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 09:11]

[In reply to Neptune]

Thanks for accept our invite and thanks to the community that shared your project here!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 09:11]


When it is unmuted, you can ask your questions from the guests and they will reply to your questions for approximately 15 minutes (or as long as they want).

We are probably the most active group on Polygon and I know many of you will ask your own questions, so please be patient with the guests!

Don't forget, in order to be eligible for the rewards, please follow all accounts in the last pinned message!

This ask me anything (AMA) session is for general information purposes only! The messages you read here in this group during the AMA and outside the AMA are not investment advice! Please do your own research!

AMA recap will be shared at @maticnews_com

Jupiter, [06.08.21 09:11]

Our pleasure!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 09:11]

TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR REWARDS JOIN @astrologyfarms and @maticnews_com !


Below are the list of questions from the community and their corresponding answers were reorganized to the order of the questions. Jupiter also took a moment to answer the questions that we missed during the AMA.

Mangekyou Sharingan, [06.08.21 09:13]

What are differences between crop circles and cryo pools?

Neptune, [06.08.21 09:15]

[In reply to Mangekyou Sharingan]

Crop Circles are where you can farm using Liquidity Tokens and Cryo Pools are where you can farm using single assets like eth or btc etc!

Silver Spoon, [06.08.21 09:13]

KYC is the best but if not, the 2nd best is to be evaluated as “some risk” which is there new low risk rating. If you KYC once for this farm, will it show up for all your future farms on Rugdoc or will you have to KYC each time?

Venus, [06.08.21 09:14]

[In reply to Silver Spoon]

We have to be KYC’d for each farm.

For Now, [06.08.21 09:13]

Cancer was First, Neptune is Second. LEO is the communitiy token. And During the first farm of cancer, was the price and apr stable throughout the entire process? I’m sorry for the constant questions but I usually invest quite heavily in farms so I wanna get as much info as possible.

Neptune, [06.08.21 09:18]

[In reply to For Now]

Cancer at the very start was unstable due to very low initial supply, but did actually stabilize VERY fast and has seen an amazing floor at the current price level. Neptune shocked us at the start as the price kept going up even after the farm launch! We have been using this data to further stabilize the next pools and we are excited for Virgo because we are confident that will be the most stable farm yet!

Sun, [06.08.21 09:13]

All fiat goes to zero, eventually even BTC will go to zero, the heat death of the universe will make atoms go to zero, and yes all farm tokens eventually go to zero in the end. The question is how quickly and how much value there is along the way. And No one is hiding the fact that the CANCER launch did not go as smoothly as the team wanted, or perform as well as we all wished. So how do you convince us that your project will survive and continue to grow?

Neptune, [06.08.21 09:21]

[In reply to Sun]

We definitely don't want to hide anything and have been very transparent! We have identified the issues with the cancer mission as we stated, the low initial supply and the small liquidity provided. We will be added a lot more liquidity for future token launches as well as increasing the initial supply to help keep things more stable throughout!

xperia, [06.08.21 09:13]

Hi! ♋️♌️

AstroFarm have 3 different tokens right now which are $LEO, $Cancer, and $NEPTUNE. I would like to know if other signs such as Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio etc. will also be available for farming in the future?

Venus, [06.08.21 09:16]

[In reply to xperia]

Yes you will be able to farm all 12 zodiac symbols eventually, as they all get released in the corresponding times to the zodiac symbols.


Tyo Marthata, [06.08.21 09:13]




Can Astro Farm tell about what kind of security Astrofarms implements..??

Jupiter, [was not answered during AMA]

(from an earlier question:)

Safety is one of our biggest priorities, As we are aware that there are many un-safe and scam projects being launched all the time. We want to give our AstroFans and Explorers comfort of knowing we can’t hard or soft rug, as well as providing a safe DeFi space to Yield Farm and Explore.

Venus, [06.08.21 08:59]

We have added:

✅No migrator in MC

✅DX liquidity locks

✅Absolutely No tokens being minted to devs (100% fair stealth token launches)

✅KYC with RugDoc at the time of review

✅Working with Paladin for Audit on Contracts

Emerald, [06.08.21 09:13]

Sustaining a project long term with out loosing focus on the core values of the project appears to be toughest part of project building. From a long term perspective, How will #AstroFarms keep driving value to its token and token holders in order to stay abreast of the fast changes in crypto space?

Neptune, [06.08.21 09:26]

[In reply to Emerald]

Very good question! By integrating each mission and the tokens into our future missions it allows to us to create a game like experience with a lot of learning and fun and some of our features coming out will really be giving people new strategies to play with that have never been seen before in the yield farming space!

Joby, [06.08.21 09:13]

Being astrologers how you forsee your project?

Neptune, [06.08.21 09:23]

[In reply to Joby]

We forsee that our project will help make a difference in the lives of the people willing to search deep within their souls and find their purpose!

Theguy, [06.08.21 09:13]

Merchandise store could be amazing to see🤯🤯🤯 could be possible to buy with crypto?

Jupiter, [Was not answered during AMA]

We would definitely prefer this! Currently, in order to create a dropship store, this is not a possibility but in doing some research, I found out, Shopify is very close!!

Jay, [06.08.21 09:13]

How will Astrofarms sustain 20% referral earnings, would that come out of the reffered person's earnings?

Jupiter, [Was not answered during AMA]

We are still working out the details of the referral program however, we have indicated that this number is subject to change.

Harsha prabath, [06.08.21 09:13]

Is the astrovaults apr accurate?

Jupiter, [Was not answered during AMA]

Occasionally we have found some APR’s to be incorrect due to a bug for example. The minute we are made aware, we work diligently to address the issue. At the time of the AMA and organizing the answers correspondence to the questions, everything should have been accurate!

Na Na, [06.08.21 09:13]

"AstroBurn 1:1 For every $NEPTUNE minted, one will be minted to the 0xDead (burn) Address.".. Does It means that maintains Circulating Supply? or Reducing farming peroid? I can not understand what it means.

Venus, [06.08.21 09:22]

[In reply to Na Na]

It means that for every NEPTUNE token that is minted/farmed 1 NEPTUNE token is burnt to a dead address. This doesn’t reduce the farming period. And the supply is still increasing as tokens are being minted/farmed. But none are minted to us devs, just burned.

Sanchit Arora, [06.08.21 09:13]

Wow you guys made Astrology themed DeFi like how did you came with this crazy idea in the first place ?

Neptune, [06.08.21 09:32]

[In reply to Sanchit Arora]

Being an astrologer it is one of my greatest passions and I feel the two fit perfectly together!

L, [06.08.21 09:13]

I read that neptune will be needed in the next project, but I can't find anything out there about the next project - can you explain this to us? And We're APRs consistent to the calculated yield? Like was the percentage roughly the median needed to achieve .5 NEPTUNE? Or did APRs slip as TVL increased over time this lowering the amount?

Jupiter, [Was not answered during the AMA]

Currently, $LEO and all of our native tokens will be highly incentivized in each new layer. In addition, we are continually looking at finding and creating pretty amazing use cases for our tokens. There are a number of different factors that contribute to APR. This requires a little more detail to find out what/when you are specifically looking for.

Nisansala, [06.08.21 09:13]

There are three tokens: Leo, Cancer, and Neptune, as far as I can tell. So, do I have it right that Neptune is the third farm?

Venus, [06.08.21 09:22]

[In reply to Nisansala]

Yes NEPTUNE is the third farm. It’s a parallel layer mission to CANCER

Sushi, [06.08.21 09:13]

There being no team tokens how will the devs and the team stay incentiviced to keep doing well?

Neptune, [06.08.21 09:31]

[In reply to Sushi]

As the devs, our main goal as we mentioned is to bridge the gap being astrology and defi and provide healers and mediums with an audience to do their work! The greatest incentive for us comes from a safe platform that we ourselves can also farm on top of as well as using a very small portion of the fee wallet to pay our bills. We find so many projects die just based on the sole fact that the devs decide to dump their tokens on everyone and destroy the price and APR's and we do not want to have the power to do so in our missions

infinity, [06.08.21 09:14]

When will be available the first NFT community program? I could be interested because I’m a designer

Venus, [06.08.21 09:32]

[In reply to infinity]

Join our Telegram and stay up to date on any contests or hosting a we do for community NFT creation etc. 👍✨🔮

Cosmos, [06.08.21 09:14]

Can anyone please help me understand how these layers work. What happens when the next layer comes out? Does everyone investing in the previous layer get rekt? Or in other words, how does value transfer from one layer to the next?

Venus, [06.08.21 09:36]

[In reply to Cosmos]

Currently we have 2 layers running simultaneously; CANCER & NEPTUNE.

So in terms of people getting rekt between layers that isn’t something we expect to see or happen.

Like any multi layer farming ecosystem, people will unstake funds and move them to where apr looks the best and where they are more happy staking their funds and farming.

As new layers are launched you will see funds move into the newer farm to acquire the higher aprs and new tokens.

Boss, [06.08.21 09:14]

Holding and staking play an important function in any project, Can you explain about your Trading, Holding and staking Module?

Jupiter, [Was not answered during the AMA]

We are not financial advisors or planners. We always suggest you DYOR. We can say, we are working very hard to be a very long and sustainable project in DeFI. We are very creative and have been implementing and plan on implementing many great rewards for you to hold on to your AstroFarms tokens. While you do that, we aim to provide attractive APRs for when you stake. That being said, with or $LEO token, you can enter our special VIP group if you maintain 0.05 $LEO in your wallet (unstaked) (at the time of writing this). This will allow such perks as being alerted minutes before we stealth launch and announce to the world!

Koshala Dilshan, [06.08.21 09:14]

I couldn't find a breakdown of the 4% deposit fees anywhere in the whitepaper; is that information public?

Venus, [06.08.21 09:26]

[In reply to Koshala Dilshan]

Currently the deposit fees on our farms have arbitrary allocation based on the rapid growth and development we’re gonna going through as a relatively new project. We are trying to allocate as mush of the deposit fees as possible to continuing the growth of AstroFarms and the future explorations and missions. As for what has currently been allocated from the 4% deposit fees on non-native pools and farms: etc and

Approx 95% of the fees have been allocated and/or paid out to project growth and development, and approx 5% has been allocated as Dev funds.

J J, [06.08.21 09:14]

What are the plans for liquidity after it gets unlocked after 370 days?

Neptune, [06.08.21 09:36]

[In reply to J J]

If our vision plays out perfectly, all the native tokens will be burned to buy our NFTs, merchandise and potentially a couple of other things. If this pans out then that liquidity can be use to go towards liquidity of our final token, token burns, vaults, profit sharing programs and more to help the community grow!

Sandhuni Fernando, [06.08.21 09:14]

"1:1 AstroBurn One $NEPTUNE will be coined for the 0xDead (burn) Address for every one $NEPTUNE that is minted." .. Is this to say that the supply is kept flowing? or lowering the number of people who work in agriculture?

Jupiter, [Was not answered during AMA]

From an earlier question. It means that for every NEPTUNE token that is minted/farmed 1 NEPTUNE token is burnt to a dead address. This doesn’t reduce the farming period. And the supply is still increasing as tokens are being minted/farmed. But none are minted to us devs, just burned.

Shayma Samanmali, [06.08.21 09:14]

After doing some research, I discovered that your ecosystem contains Three tokens.$NEPTUNE, $LEO, $CANCER,Can you describe what these tokens are used for and how they differ?Which of the following represents your"government Token"and "Native Tokens" ?Is staking possible with Three of these tokens?

Venus, [06.08.21 09:27]

[In reply to Shayma Samanmali]

LEO is our governance token.

CANCER was our first mission/farm token.

NEPTUNE is our current parallel mission to our CANCER mission.

All tokens in AstroFarms will be highly incentivized in consecutive layers and farms, as well as utility for each in terms or NFT’s, and other surprises we have for our community.

Mettrix, [06.08.21 09:14]

Is Your project a local and the global project? how many people do you have for non english user? Can anyone uses your services from anywhere in the world? Is there are any restrictions of using your service ?

Neptune, [06.08.21 09:39]

[In reply to Mettrix]

We would love for this to become world wide and hope that as we grow, our team can grow and we can provide these services in all kinds of languages and to people all over the world!

Jessi, [06.08.21 09:15]

Telling from the roadmap #AstroFarms is quite unique with huge potential for future growth. What are your plans to attract more long term investors and what is that key advantage that will keep the project running even when the going gets tough?

Jupiter, [Was not answered during the AMA]

Thank you! Besides basic advertising and marketing, we plan to continually attract investors the same way we have in these very early stages of our project. We are creative, innovative and we are either coming up with our own unique ideas, or have been tweaking/improving other project ideas. What’s really important to understand is, we are in an infancy stage and already much larger and also new projects are copying our ideas. We believe that the level of initiative and integrity we have is what ultimately will contribute to our rapid success and growth.

Bishal, [06.08.21 09:15]

As a new project in the market, what is your competitive advantages? As an investor,why would we trust to invest ? What are the ways to earn your platform?

Jupiter, [Was not answered during the AMA]

Our competitive advantages are really just the unique way we do things. See above or check out our whitepaper and see how we took investors by storm in our first week of launching our project. Currently, you earn by exploring each of our missions or buy buying and selling. We are working hard to ensure it’s in an investors best interest to hodle and stake. Stay tuned and keep your eyes on our TG!!

Sanchit Arora, [06.08.21 09:15]

Do you plan to introduce astro nfts ? 👀

Jupiter, [06.08.21 09:18]

[In reply to Sanchit Arora]

YES! We are very close to launching our first NFT which will be used quite uniquely! The creative was designed by a community member

Venus, [06.08.21 09:31]

[In reply to Sanchit Arora]

YES 👀 🔮✨

Mettrix, [06.08.21 09:16]

DeFi is really changing our relationship with money. What do you think about DeFi? Is it really can replace DeFi ?How can we sure that our data is totally safe and secure? How can we sure that there is no chance of Data manipulation?

Jupiter, [Was not answered during the AMA]

We love DeFi but we are not in control of it. It’s unregulated! There are a great deal of pros and cons. We cannot speak to the security of DeFi but we can speak to the security of our project and AstroFarms. We do everything we can to make investors feel safe and secure. As we grow and as we launch each new layer, this will be prevalent. We’ve already seen so much trust within our community, simply, because we have been honest and transparent.

Emerald, [06.08.21 09:16]

Community is an integral part of every great project. How does #AstroFarms value community support and what valuev does #AstroFarms has to offer to its community at large?

Neptune, [06.08.21 09:43]

[In reply to Emerald]

Community and decentralization is the most important to us! AstroFarms is the first farm (that we are aware of atleast) to introduce a governance token to actually bring power back to the community! There have been many features and tasks the community has wanted us to follow through with and we have taken many votes already and passed those through! As for value, we do have some cool things planned for LEO holders that could look something like airdrops and porfit sharing on top of the fact that the token will already be used for voting power!

Lookie Fergusosn, [06.08.21 09:16]

Can you indicate a feature or feature that you like best about the platform so that it can compete with other competitors? What are you most confident about for your platform? Do you have plans to get users to choose your platform?

Venus, [06.08.21 09:45]

[In reply to Lookie Fergusosn]

We are in the works of including a new feature with every layer we introduce to our farming solar system. Currently, we are leading the way with a community/governance token with lots of perks that was never able to be farmed and is hard capped at 100 tokens. This is something you see now popping up around the defi yield farming space shortly after we implemented it.

We have some super special features being released for our next layer Virgo.

And as far as competition goes, we are looking to grow without having to compete, but more or less to collaborate with others and grow together.

Palon, [06.08.21 09:16]

Have you any plan for stacking or burning tokens of it would be necessary to maintain the ecosystem?

Jupiter, [Was not answered during the AMA]

Yes! And we will always continually search for the best options for the project’s sustainability. Shortly after the AMA, we launched our first One Way Mission, where investors who stake, earn MATIC for burning their NEPTUNE.

Bishal, [06.08.21 09:16]

On moving forward through your roadmap, what are your most important next priorities? Does your team have enough fundamental (Funds, Community, ect) to achieve those milestones?

Jupiter, [06.08.21 09:23]

[In reply to Bishal]

This is a difficult question because we prioritize everything with the utmost urgency; including our final layer. Along the way, we are improvising, being creative and working with the community suggestions to create the most unique and viable platform!

Sanchit Arora, [06.08.21 09:16]

What makes Astro Farm stand out of the competition ?

Venus, [06.08.21 09:17]

Our community 🙏✨🔮

Jupiter, [06.08.21 09:28]

[In reply to Sanchit Arora]

Well this is a little loaded because I'm on the team 🤣 In my opinion and with 2 decades of business experience, I would say sure, because we are very innovative and under 40 days we have already taken Polygon by storm! I really do believe as well, it's because of our honesty and integrity as well. We've made a few mistakes and immediately rectified those mistakes. We were honest, transparent and rectified ASAP!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 09:16]


Vish Dazzle, [06.08.21 09:20]

@AstroDevNeptune @AstroDevJupiter

q1) Why did you chose Matic platform only and not BSC.. Like many other farms, they are available on both the platforms

q2) Neptune is known as the planet of inspiration.. what is your inspiration which dives you to work harder!?

q3) We now know that next layer is virgo, have you thought about the layer after virgo?

q4) Where do you see LEO reaching by the end of 2021..

15) What is the best decision which you as a team took and executed?

q6) What is the funniest incident which you will never forget while working together?

Jupiter, [06.08.21 09:41]

[In reply to Vish Dazzle]

1. We like the affordable transaction fees for our community and we love where Polygon is going!

2. Our community!

3. Yes, we are layering after all zodiac signs but like the Neptune layer…. Who knows what we’ll surprise you with 😉

4. We cannot give any financial advise my friend! But we believe LEO will be very promising!

5. Starting this project and making a difference!

6. Lol!! Mixing up timezones!!

Jupiter, [06.08.21 09:44]

Thank you all for your time today! If you would like to find out more, please feel free to join us at !

Neptune, [06.08.21 09:45]

Thank you so much guys! If we didnt get to your question, feel free to DM us or ask us in our chat!!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 09:45]

Thank you for your time! See you soon and keep building!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 09:47]

Chat is now muted!

John cena, [06.08.21 09:47]

Well done guys

John cena, [06.08.21 09:47]

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YieldfarmCC, [06.08.21 09:47]

yep very nice ama

Joby, [06.08.21 09:47]

It was a great Ama.. 😍😍💐💐. Felt more confident

maticnopanic, [06.08.21 09:48]

thanks guys

Vish Dazzle, [06.08.21 09:48]

Awesome AMA !!

Vish Dazzle, [06.08.21 09:48]

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10 out 10

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Awesome AMA!

John cena, [06.08.21 09:49]

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Neptune, [06.08.21 09:51]

We will be publishing this AMA into a Medium article as well for those of you who want to go back and read up on it!

Rose, [06.08.21 09:51]

Hey Hot 👋

Welcome to Matic News !

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 09:52]

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You prefer to maintain the badge here or @AstroDevJupiter ?

We leave it to all founders of the projects

Neptune, [06.08.21 09:52]

[In reply to GP {BETODRIVE}]

Yes that would be a pleasure!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [06.08.21 09:52]

[In reply to Neptune]


Every time that you will be active here people will know your project!

Neptune, [06.08.21 09:53]

[In reply to GP {BETODRIVE}]

Awesome! Appreciate it!!

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