Intro To Blackholes


Official Launch: September 9 , 2021

From now on (now and future missions), your good deeds will always be rewarded with $KARMA. The black hole will funnel the liquidity from Old Missions into the new and upcoming Exploration Missions! Upon sending your $CANCER/$NEPTUNE/$VIRGO into the black hole, $KARMA will become harvestable.

$LIBRA will be launched with a new mechanic where your $KARMA tokens can be sent back into the Black Hole and you will be able to harvest your $LIBRA tokens over a 7 day period.

More details to come on this.

Alternatively, for the really brave, save up your $KARMA for future Launches and… more surprises… ? ?

Important Information about our Blackholes and $KARMA

  • $KARMA will be for all layers moving forward.

  • 1000 $KARMA will go into the first Blackholes.The $KARMA sent into the blackhole for $LIBRA will go into the DEV wallet and then what ever is in the DEV wallet will be used for the launch of $SCORPIO.

  • So if someone decides to keep some of their $KARMA and not send it back into the blackhole,

    there will be less than 1000 $KARMA for the next round of black holes

  • The Blackhole works similar to the One Way Mission but instead of the tokens burning after the mission ends, the funds will be sent to the DEV wallet and then those tokens will be sold on the market and those funds will be used for liquidity on the next layer.

  • There will be multiple Black holes.

  • We decided on 6 blackholes and 1 wormhole; distribution is listed below.

  • We will be adding liquidity at a random point while the $LIBRA black hole is open.

  • Token transfers will be locked upon initial liquidity being added to prevent bot snipes.

  • The initial price for $LIBRA will be determined by the capital raised from the Blackholes.


1. $KARMA is a vesting token but the tokens aren't burned. Once the Black Hole evaporates, those tokens get sent to the Dev wallet which will be strategically sold and turned into liquidity for $LIBRA

2. There will be multiple black holes for different tokens and some special access Black Holes for NFT holders

3.$LIBRA trading starts about halfway through the vesting $LIBRA vesting period. (this might change)

4. We see this as an opportunity for transition into the new mission and consolidating old liquidity into the new layers.

5. The only burning mechanism will be the NFT shields and we will be bringing back the AstroBurn. Max supply is always going to be the before burns supply.

6. This is only the beginning of possibilities for AstroFarms and innovation. Originally we intended on blackholes only however, we've also included a wormhole for Leo NFT holders.

$VIRGO Blackhole $KARMA Allocation

Blackholes 100% Deposit fees. You are losing your stake and earning $KARMA

Wormhole 0% Deposit fees. You get your $LEO back

$KARMA Blackhole


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