One Way Mission

Because sometimes, when a mission is so important, there's no turning back.

This mission is no longer available for you to participate in.

🚀We are now sending you out on a ONE WAY MISSION - Sometimes, a mission is so important, there’s no turning back.

⚠️ On this mission, there are exciting ways to earn INTERSTELLAR High APYs.

Caution: if you participate in these One Way Missions; your NEPTUNE staked will also burn up faster than meteors falling from the sky but!! You'll be receiveing VERY HIGH REWARDS!


Upon takeoff (block 18000000) we will be heading deep in to the Mission. If you have not enrolled yourself, you will no longer be able to stake your NEPTUNE; our ship will be out of orbit. You will be rewarded heavily for your vision and desire to explore Neptune. Because you were willing to go where other explorers would not. Be sure to enrol before the launch or you will miss the mission!

Contract: 0x10802E515E1F1b4Fd86D7106b68779f287B751A5

🚀You will be paid for Ground Training. This starts on Block 17700000

🚀Once we reach Block 18000000, the mission will take off and you will not be able to join anymore.

🚀Mission will be over on Block 18400000

🔥🔥🔥There is No Turning Back on this mission. ALL NEPTUNE will be Burned.

🔥🔥The Burn Mechanism is Deflationary

💰You will be earning MATIC for your devotion to this mission

Enrol for the mission Here:

Why we drafted for this mission:

One Way Missions provided a place where Explorers can put their $NEPTUNE tokens to use and earn more High Interest. These missions (pools) utilize a “toll bridge” upon entry. The toll bridge is a form of a token burn mechanism in which 100% of all NEPTUNE staked in the One Way Mission is burned at the conclusion of the mission, when all rewards are distributed.

The burn mechanism is a deflationary function within the Solar System which promotes healthy market dynamics.

  • Users select the amount of NEPTUNE they want to stake into the One Way Mission of their choice.

  • Typical One Way Mission has a duration of 90 days and your entry into the mission locks after 45 days of going live.

  • All staked NEPTUNE tokens on the mission are burned to pay the toll. This action is not reversible.

  • All accrued rewards are then distributed to participants on that mission over their duration in the mission and can be claimed at any interval.

Keep your eyes on the sky Explorers. If we launch these One Way Missions, its because they are of vital importance in supporting our main missions.

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