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Jupiter, [23.08.21 08:00] First message link:

Hello!! Thanks for having us!!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:00]

[In reply to Jupiter]

Welcome back boss!

Venus, [23.08.21 08:00]

Hey everyone!

Jupiter, [23.08.21 08:01]

We are excited to be here! So much has changed since last the last time we were here with you!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:01]

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John cena, [23.08.21 08:01]

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Venus, [23.08.21 08:01]


John cena, [23.08.21 08:01]

[In reply to Jupiter]

Cool to hear 💪🏼💪🏼

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:01]


CHAT WILL BE MUTED during the AMA but you can ask your questions when it is finished.

In the first part the guests will reply to my questions that you all can read and follow here, then after the AMA is finished, they'll reply to your questions for approximately 15 minutes (or as long as they want).

We are probably the most active group on Polygon and I know many of you would like to know more about this project, but please be patient, you'll be allowed to ask your questions after the AMA!

Don't forget, in order to be eligible for the rewards, please follow all accounts in the last pinned message!

This ask me anything (AMA) session is for general information purposes only! The messages you read here in this group during the AMA and outside the AMA are not investment advice! Please do your own research!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:02]

Welcome back to MaticNews! First of all congratulations for the level reached of TVL and Market cap! Since the last AMA I can see an incredible growth and results, great! Did you expect this success?

Jupiter, [23.08.21 08:03]

Thank you! And thank you for having us!! Well when you start something new, you never know what can happen. We’ve been fortunate. We’ve had a tonne of incredible support from our community and they have also, really taken to our innovative ideas. We are not creating regular yield farming strategies; we are redefining them. We think people like that! We sure are enjoying!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:04]

[In reply to Jupiter]

Nice to see that community is supporting the project 🔥 If someone don’t know Astrofarm, why should invest in it instead of the other thousands of farms? Give a small introduction to new subscribers about the project and team!

Venus, [23.08.21 08:06]

We think there are so many reasons why people should invest in AstroFarms! We stated in the beginning that our innovative vision was bringing excitement and fun to yield farming, while trying to give incredible opportunities and education to investors. We’ve continued to gain the trust and support as we’ve watched our community grow. We’ve been experimenting with new concepts like our brand new AstroPowerUP NFTs (these are multipliers for our farms). Our community is loving the concept and is very much looking forward to applying them to the new layer. It’s exciting to be on the forefront of DeFi, even though we are still not even 60 days old. We will continue to experiment with new concepts and ideas that have never been seen before in the yield farming space, all the while providing utmost security, safety and fun to our investors. We are always reviewed on RugDoc and we just did our 2nd KYC with them. We are fully Paladin Audited and going forward, this will be the new standard!

Jupiter, [23.08.21 08:07]

Our team is passionate about this project. We are excited to create something long lasting and sustainable that really, is SUPER COOL. We love to educate and the community is enjoying it too!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:09]

Thanks for the nice and complete introduction, we will get more into details during this AMA 😀

Venus, [23.08.21 08:09]

Awesome! 🙂

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:09]

Which is the new layer name and why did you choose this name?

Venus, [23.08.21 08:10]

We’re launching the Virgo Mission Next. Today actually! The sun is transitioning into the sign of Virgo on August 23rd and so just like the sun, we will follow! Every new transition of the sun into a new sign will lead to a new layer for that respective sign. 🔮✨♍️

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:12]

[In reply to Venus]

Noice, didn’t know about it

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:12]

Always learning something in ama with you :D

Venus, [23.08.21 08:12]

Always surprises with AstroFarms! ✨

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:12]

Do tell us which are the use case of $NEPTUNE, $LEO, $CANCER and $VIRGO ?

Jupiter, [23.08.21 08:16]

Wow! We love this! You’ve all heard about how we introduced our community to our first token, $LEO (June 28th) and inspired them as we teased them with the upcoming Leo mission; our first exploration (farm) on Polygon. However, we had a surprise Loyalty Rewards System in our "actual" Zodiac Roadmap; this has now been updated to reflect our plans. Unbeknownst to our community, our primary objective was to launch our first mission as Cancer. The Reward: The LEO Token is our community/governance token and had immediate utility for exploration on all of our missions. We also provide such perks as Stealth Launch Alerts, minutes before announcing to the world.

Well earlier this week, we released something brand new to Polygon and it’s VERY COOL! Going forward, from the Virgo Mission on, you can purchase and use AstroPower NFTs. The whole set will give you a 2X Multiplier on all of our pools and LPs. Plus they look super cool.

Venus, [23.08.21 08:16]

When the sun transitions in to the next sign that mission will end and those tokens will only be farmable with $LEO. In addition, you may use $CANCER, NEPTUNE and $VIRGO to purchase the NFTshields which protect your AstroPowerUP NFTs from burning. We are using this feature to stabilize the price of our native tokens.

We have so many more incredible use cases coming in the future.

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:18]

[In reply to Venus]

Excellent description, Can’t wait for the NFTs

Looking forward to them🔥

Really curious about the design 😁

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:18]

Regarding liquidity, Is there any plans to expand LP to other DEXs? At the moment you use Quickswap.

Jupiter, [23.08.21 08:20]

[In reply to GP {BETODRIVE}]

Before we move on to a new DEX, we are looking to create the perfect partnerships to do so. This is ongoing! It definitely is a plan for the future of AstroFarms if we can make it happen!

Venus, [23.08.21 08:20]

[In reply to GP {BETODRIVE}]

[ Video ]

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:21]

[In reply to Venus]

Oh😍 nice 3d

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:21]

[In reply to Jupiter]

Totally agree

Venus, [23.08.21 08:21]


GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:21]

Many users here always ask about new DEXs to founders

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:22]

But they don’t understand that only bring value if made with a good partnership

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:22]

KEY QUESTION: Explain us the most important features of this layer!

Jupiter, [23.08.21 08:22]

[In reply to GP {BETODRIVE}]

We couldnt' agree more

Venus, [23.08.21 08:23]

Well we’d have to say, our AstroPower NFTs! We’re doing some creative things with these PowerUPs like a 50% burn of native tokens used to purchase. This will help stabilize the price of our native tokens as well as add liquidity for our $LEO token.

And our long term vision has many more incredible ideas in store for you all!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:24]

[In reply to Venus]

How the NFTs integrations is going to work?

Jupiter, [23.08.21 08:28]

Upon harvesting your tokens, if you own any of the NFT's, you will be paid out bonuses according to their multiplier. A full set is 2X or, 100%. You'll even be able to confirm that you the bonus multipliers! on Virgo, you get a really cool indication with a glow around the icon. If you don't have them, there is a Red Circle with a cross through it!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:28]

[In reply to Jupiter]

Simple and clear, nice mechanism

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:29]

Many people in our group invested in Astrofarms after first AMA, how the new layer will benefit past and new hodlers?

Venus, [23.08.21 08:31]

Everything that we have done and continue to do, is for all investors alike! Our new layer is no different. From the start, we have wanted to reward early investors but still give new investors tremendous opportunity. We stand very strongly, behind our slogan, “Where every star has an equal chance to shine”. We remember launching the Neptune Mission and people thought, “oh it’s too late. I wish I joined Astrofarms in the beginning.” Well we just almost beat the ATH and we haven’t even launched the Virgo Mission yet! In any case, we have such a large long term vision and that includes doing our very best to benefit and give everyone an exciting opportunity. Little investors. Big investors. Everyone is equally important to us.

Venus, [23.08.21 08:31]

People will have the chance to start accumulating the AstroPowerUP NFT’s which will be used throughout the entire project and for the final layer. We have a lot more in store for our final vision!! 🔮✨

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:33]

Really nice to hear and looking forward as hodler to future updates 🔥

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:33]

How people can join presale (if there is one)?

Jupiter, [23.08.21 08:35]

AstroFarms will never have a presale. We are all about being fair. We want to combat bots and protect investors as best we can. Another factor we’ve noticed in the past is, a lot of people who buy presale, turnaround and dump. That can really hurt projects.

It turns out, this is one of the most fun and exciting ways that we run our farm. When you hear from investors, comments like, “this is the most fun I’ve had in yield farming” or just watching people learn as they explore with us. It certainly has been such an honor.

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:37]

[In reply to Jupiter]

Thanks for the clarification!

Which is going to be the starting emission rate? Will it change after the launch?

Venus, [23.08.21 08:39]

For Virgo, we are starting with a 0.05 $VIRGO/block. We are experimenting with a really high initial supply for VIRGO which we feel will provide stability and sustainability. Essentially our goal, is to build one of the most sustainable farms where the price of our native tokens don’t fluctuate in crazy way. We are eager to see how Virgo plays out!

We have no plans in changing it at the moment but if we feel we need to do so and the community is behind it we will do so. 🙂

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:40]

[In reply to Venus]

Excellent. Let’s talk about the tokenomics of this third layer (if it’s possible a small recap about the past two layers), which is yours and why did you choose this!

Jupiter, [23.08.21 08:41]

For the first two missions, the plan was to experiment and heavily analyze the data we received. We will be tailoring our tokenomics to create the most stable and safe yield farming experience. We will continue to be playing around with the tokenomics and tweaking them as we move forward.‌

Jupiter, [23.08.21 08:41]

For example, the cancer mission we started with a very low 100 initial supply. This created some unstable price movements as the supply was very low and quickly got overtaken by new tokens being minted and drastically affected the price within the first day.

Jupiter, [23.08.21 08:42]

For Neptune, we started with an initial supply of 2500 and noticed a lot more steady price action because the initial supply had not doubled within a few hours.

For Virgo, we started with an initial supply of 10,000 and $10,000 worth of liquidity. We feel this will create a very steady floor for the price of the $VIRGO token.

We will be experimenting more to find the most optimal initial supply amounts and emission rates to create the most stable farming experience. We wanted to keep the supply fairly small as we will be doing many quick layers and having a low emission rate will allow for that.

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:44]

[In reply to Jupiter]

Indeed probably it’s the best balance between all layers, time will tell us 😀

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:44]

Besides this, how are revenue being generated for the project itself that could be used on future development?

Venus, [23.08.21 08:47]

Well we’ve already mentioned our AstorPower NFTs. In order to hold a PowerUP in your wallet, you must purchase a corresponding NFTshiled to prevent your NFT from burning. 50% of shield revenue is automatically burned. The other 50% can be used towards the development of AstroFarms as well as, advertising, marketing, profit sharing and maybe much much more! ✨

Venus, [23.08.21 08:47]

As well last time, we told you about our merchandise at

Hopefully you can tell, we aren’t your ordinary farm! Although, we can’t get in to too much detail at the moment, we have got something quite big on the horizon! But then again… Hasn’t it been that way from the start?! 🔮

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:49]

[In reply to Venus]

The names of the merch are epic😂😂

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:49]

Brilliant work :D

Venus, [23.08.21 08:49]


GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:50]

Everyday in maticnews we cover multiple projects, some of them are scam or just not safe. How safe is your project, I guess before doing any investment this is one of the area of concern that one will check upon. Are there any audits or KYC done?

Jupiter, [23.08.21 08:51]

Of course! As we mentioned earlier. This is our third layer and our second KYC. The KYC was completed last night with RugDoc. We have decided as a team, this is standard for every layer. We just completed our first full audit with Paladin and this is also a standard for every layer going forward.

Jupiter, [23.08.21 08:52]

From the first layer, we also removed the line of code where there will be extra line of code, minting extra tokens to Devs. This prevents soft rugs from happening too.

Although we want to build everyone’s trust, one goal is to provide a protocol where everyone “just trusts the Astros!”. An environment where everyone just feels safe and secure. It's already really neat to see new people's questions and then, watch as our community jumps in to help. The trust is already there with so many of them.

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:54]

I appreciate that you are always trying to do best choice to give safe to your audience, that’s nice to hear and I look forward to d the audit 😁

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:54]

Do you have a road map or long term plans that you can share with us?

Jupiter, [23.08.21 08:55]

[In reply to GP {BETODRIVE}]

Thank you! It's available on our whitepaper:

Venus, [23.08.21 08:56]

You are welcome to view our roadmap on our whitepaper but we have to warn you! We like to keep people guessing and love to be full of surprises! So far, you’d have to confirm with our community but it seems, its going very well!! We have a “loose” road map with many experimental protocols we’d like to bring to our missions. ✅🔮

Our roadmap is constantly changing as we take in new data and build out the new features! ✨🙃

Jupiter, [23.08.21 08:56]

What is set in stone is one new layer for each astrological season and each new mission will have at least one new feature to experiment and test with, working towards the final mission. One neat thing we were working on was the ability to burn all the native tokens through incentives and purchases that will directly give investors some cool rewards for the final mission instead of having a farm that is going to be filled with a zodiac of our different tokens! Enter: AstroPower NFT’s.

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:58]

Looking forward to next updates, indeed your theme have unlimited possibilities

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:58]

From games to vaults

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:58]

There is an “universe” to explore :D

Venus, [23.08.21 08:59]

You know it! 🔮✨

Jupiter, [23.08.21 08:59]

Possibilities are endless! THAT is SO EXCITING!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 08:59]

Which is the final goal of your project?

Jupiter, [23.08.21 09:00]

One of our main final goals is to bridge the world of crypto and astrology. Because astrology is all about self discovery and growth, we hope to help people in more ways than just financially. In terms of the protocol, our final goal is to create something new, something safe and build it with a strong community.


We will eventually hand over the project to the DAO and watch it go from there!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 09:03]

[In reply to Jupiter]

And last question, what do you think about polygon network ?

Venus, [23.08.21 09:03]

We love the community here. We love the technology here. We love the fast and cheap transactions and, we LOVE the projects that are being created and coming over to this platform. Our goal is to add tremendous value to these projects and this platform! 😁

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 09:05]

[In reply to Venus]

Indeed that’s an ambitious aim, looking forward to see new partnership 🔥

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 09:06]

YOU MUST JOIN @ASTROLOGYFARMS to be eligible for rewards 🔥and @maticnews_com | ~ REMINDER

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 09:06]

Would you like to add something more before I open the chat?

Venus, [23.08.21 09:07]

I think we are okay to open the chat up and answer some questions 🙂

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 09:07]


When it is unmuted, you can ask your questions from the guests and they will reply to your questions for approximately 15 minutes (or as long as they want).

We are probably the most active group on Polygon and I know many of you will ask your own questions, so please be patient with the guests!

Don't forget, in order to be eligible for the rewards, please follow all accounts in the last pinned message!

This ask me anything (AMA) session is for general information purposes only! The messages you read here in this group during the AMA and outside the AMA are not investment advice! Please do your own research!

AMA recap will be shared at @maticnews_com

*The following has been reorganized to include the corresponding answer to questions.

Dinc, [23.08.21 09:11]

Hi ‼️ @AstroDevJupiter @AstroDevVenus

AstroFarm have some tokens now, which are $LEO, $CANCER, and $NEPTUNE. Will you add other signs as well such as Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius etc.

Venus, [23.08.21 09:13]

[In reply to Dinc]

Yup! Eventually AstroFarms will incorporate all the zodiac signs! Our roadmap has this displayed if you’d like to check it out for yourself!

AMANDA, [23.08.21 09:11]

Many tokens from #ASTROFARMS, $VIRGO, $NEPTUNE, $CANCER, $LEO are these 5 tokens really from your project, what are the advantages of owning all these tokens, what are the differences and the functions and advantages of buying these tokens?

Jupiter, [23.08.21 09:14]

[In reply to AMANDA]

Well $LEO is the community token of course. We provide stealth launch alerts and plan on incentivizing much more as well. As for the other $SIGNS (including Leo), we will always be looking at this. Currently, you need to buy shields to protect your NFT's with these tokens.

Quao Liam, [23.08.21 09:11]

Farm and Gaming is currently quite interesting. Are there any plans to bring Gaming on AstroFarms?

Venus, [23.08.21 09:15]

[In reply to Quao Liam]

Hmm, I think you’re onto something 😉

This could be incorporated and announced shortly! Make sure you’re in our telegram group to get the announcements! 🎲🙂

Abdullah Sayid, [23.08.21 09:11]

Partnered with Quickswap is great. But I'm sure having your own DEX would be great. Any plans for that?

Jupiter, [23.08.21 09:15]

[In reply to Abdullah Sayid]

We talk about this often but we will have to see where the project goes! Hmmmm.... AstroSwap ??

Yeild Farming, [23.08.21 09:11]

Yeild Farming is a new trend nowadays. Don't you support staking program? If so, how do you work in a market system? What conditions do investors need if they want to bet or even hold it? Are you planning to burn and then buy back?

Can investors expect to see collaboration announcements in this area in the near future?

Jupiter, [23.08.21 09:18]

[In reply to Yeild Farming]

Yes, a massive part of yield farming is staking! Our goal is to make it SO MUCH more!! As far as "betting" or "holding", we cannot provide financial advise but spend a little time in our chat - Especially our LEO VIP group and you will see some #AstroFam that supports, loves, doesn't feel like they are betting and are definitely holding.

As far as buy back and burn: Possibly. We are trying to create new ways to burn. The latest release was using the native token shield purchases to burn 50 % automatically.

King 👑 Of Crypto, [23.08.21 09:11]


I have a question in my mind that from December 2017 many projects came with hype and now I see they are gone, team also disappeared by time so exactly I am asking that how can we trust your project and your team members and how will you determine yourself as a long term relationship project for your community?

Venus, [23.08.21 09:17]

[In reply to King 👑 Of Crypto]

We have enstilled a good amount of trust already with our current active #AstroFam by being very transparent and open about everything we do. We have also KYC’d twice with RugDoc.

Our vision is long term with AstroFarms and we are not going anywhere. 🙂✨🔮

Zach Sams, [23.08.21 09:11]

Can you tell me how much token is distributed to team? Are they able to dump? Or they have any locking period? Can you explain on this?

Venus, [23.08.21 09:19]

[In reply to Zach Sams]

There is ZERO tokens minted to the Devs. We believe in fair stealth launches which mean we don’t allocate anything to ourselves upon launches or afterward minting.

"Hopeless Romantic" ||KOI||, [23.08.21 09:11]


You've just introduced a Unique Use Case for AstroFarms. Namely AstroPower NFT! and you explained being able to collect sets and receive a 2X Multiplier for our upcoming layers including the Virgo Mission. My question is with me using ASTROPOWER NFT. we have a limited time and how much time do you give me to use ASTROPOWER, is there a certain time limit? And whether by carrying out the virgo mission can I get amazing prizes, And where can I exchange these gifts??

Jupiter, [23.08.21 09:20]

[In reply to "Hopeless Romantic" ||KOI||]

These are now available for purchase:

NFTshields from the virgo mission

AstroPowerUPs from

You will be able to use them on the virgo mission releasing in 18 hours and for every layer after that - including our final layer!

BAJI KEISUKE | Don't worry Man, [23.08.21 09:11]

Are you taking any precautionary measures to hacker will not be able to mislead investors into sending coins to the wrong address and what security features does #AutoFarms use so that hackers can not get what they want?

Venus, [23.08.21 09:39]

[In reply to BAJI KEISUKE | Don't worry Man]

We have been through a full audit with Paladin which we believe to be a great team! We are fully transparent with our community and we put the safety and security as our number one priority!

Venus, [23.08.21 09:39]

This could be something we explore in the near future! 🔮✨🙃

JordyFm, [23.08.21 09:11]

I saw about merchandise store, very funny!!! But why not put payment in crypto??? Quite sad about it:(

Venus, [23.08.21 09:20]

[In reply to JordyFm]

We are working to incorporate this as a method of payment in the near future! With the application we used to create the store this was not an available option at the time. But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future 🙃

Slebew ., [23.08.21 09:11]

Currently in how many ways or in what ways can your project generate revenue? And what is the revenue model? Then how can it be beneficial for investors and the project itself?

Jupiter, [23.08.21 09:23]

[In reply to Slebew .]

We have the standard, deposit fees. Now the NFT's and Shields. You can purchase merchandise at We are always looking at new and innovative ways to do this!

AMANDA, [23.08.21 09:11]

What are the additional benefits of holding $LEO tokens over not holding your tokens and are there any advantages for long term holders?

Jupiter, [23.08.21 09:25]

[In reply to AMANDA]

Besides the VIP group and the LEO AstroPowerUP being twice the bonus rewards as any other NFT will ever be, this will eventually be the key to taking over AstroFarms with the DAO.

We definitely don't want to restrict the benefits to the aforementioned though. Our goal is to provide as much value as possible for all our tokens however, especially LEO.

Zara_Adisty, [23.08.21 09:11]

AstroFarms has more than 100 pools in its system which means lots of rewards! This is good for farmers but how will you make convince people for holding your token so it will not create a sell pressure?

Venus, [23.08.21 09:24]

[In reply to Zara_Adisty]

We have lots of utility planned for our native tokens which will keep people incentivized to hold their tokens as we believe the value has potential to maintain and increase in value as we introduce new utility and such to our natives. We don’t need to convince but rather deliver!

The Miracle | ZTH ₑₓₚₑcₜ cₕₐₒₛ, [23.08.21 09:11]

Quick question, I read that neptune will be needed in the next project, but I can't find anything details out there about the next project you plan - anybody know what it is?

Jupiter, [23.08.21 09:27]

[In reply to The Miracle | ZTH ₑₓₚₑcₜ cₕₐₒₛ]

As of now, you can still us NEPTUNE AND CANCER in the forward missions. The next layer launches in just over 18 hours! Of course, the NFT's again. In order to hold an NFT in your wallet, you must purchase the shield first or it will burn. For an example using Neptune as you asked, you hold the NEPTUNE AstroPowerUP, you must purchase the NEPTUNEshield first.

Jupiter, [23.08.21 09:38]

Polygon and MetaMask have not adopted the UI for ERC 1155 tokens as of current. it is expected that this will be available in Q4 of 2021. Rest assured, when you purchase them, you have them in your wallet. You can currently view your Shield in your wallet by adding the token address and your NFT is viewable on OpenSea.

Tolga, [23.08.21 09:11]

When I heard the project name I thought there would be 12 zodiac signs on the platform! As a Libra, I would love to see my token:) Will there be new zodiac signs? And a main maybe a governance token will follow up all?

By the way, when will we able to directly exchange tokens on astrofarms itself not directed to the quickswap?

Venus, [23.08.21 09:27]

[In reply to Tolga]

Libra token and farm will be launched during the start of Libra Season! ♎️

Everyone will get a chance to have some of their own zodiac sign token as we make our way around the galaxy 🔮✨

As for swapping astrotokens not directed on QuickSwap, you potentially could see an AstroDex in the future. We are still discussing this possibility. 🙃

Sohil D, [23.08.21 09:11]

Who do you think are your competitors in markets? How do you overcome them? What are the strategies/features that mAkes you strong? Do you believe in community support?


Venus, [23.08.21 09:28]

[In reply to Sohil D]

We don’t necessarily think in terms of competitors in the space but more so projects to either learn from or grow with. We like to stay in our own lane and innovate to create things that are rarely done in the space and to push new limits and heights collectively. We believe community is #1 😁✅

marsa, [23.08.21 09:11]

Hello Sir🖐🏻



like are you going to build a thriving community that really cares and supports the project for a very long time, or is it just a temporary benefit? Are there plans to better connect with the community? Just like social media type systems, where people can share ideas/suggestions? Because we know the power of the community to easily make famous projects?

Jupiter, [23.08.21 09:29]

[In reply to marsa]

Join our LEO: Kings of the Zodiac TG group and you will see, we have already built a THRIVING community. It's still a smaller community however, the input and strategizing that we have done with them is unbelievable. Their love and support has been an integral part of our project. ❤️

georgina rodriguez, [23.08.21 09:11]

How do you know if this model of agriculture can extend to our solar system?

what are your ways on this Zodiac Roadmap to complete your mission? why the community is not informed, wouldn't it be better if the community was notified?

what steps will you take when you will audit this new contract?

Jupiter, [23.08.21 09:32]

[In reply to georgina rodriguez]

In some aspects yes! What we have found is, by keeping giving a little and being stealthy, offering surprises, having fun with clues (for example), has made people very excited and have a blast! Perhaps not for everyone but, then again, we can't put one song on and have it appeal to everyone! Also, the LEO: Kings group gives a lot more. Because we are trying to create a protocol that is unlike any other, we just don't do it the way that other projects have done it in the past. Interestingly enough, large scale projects have been following a lot of our lead!

Alexa rawnie, [23.08.21 09:11]


Talking about the Project You plan to operate publicly and transparently, which is great, but how much is the involvement of the community in the project to make the best decisions and thereby strengthen the ecosystem?

Venus, [23.08.21 09:23]

We too believe community is everything! Creates a very strong foundation and instils a lot of confidence in the project!

To help AstroFarms grow before it launches investors and community members could share the value AstroFarms bring as well as the project itself with fellow crypto enthusiasts and investors as well as helping boost liquidity with LP. Thanks for the awesome question!

Venus, [23.08.21 09:33]

[In reply to Alexa rawnie]

We take the opinions and suggestions from our governance/community token holders, $LEO, very strongly. Eventually at the end of the 12 zodiac seasons the project ownership and operation entirely will be handed to the DAO community. We strongly believe in growing together as a whole and considering everyone’s opinion on how the project should be laid out.

Slebew ., [23.08.21 09:11]

Now try to tell us about the motive of your project “$VIRGO ” and What was your initial thought behind this project?

Jupiter, [23.08.21 09:33]

[In reply to Slebew .]

Well we can't really discuss just VIRGO! It's one of 12 Zodiac signs. It's just the next step in our vision. We plan on always introducing at least one cool feature with every layer. The virgo mission launching was our NFTs!

BAJI KEISUKE | Don't worry Man, [23.08.21 09:11]

How do you want to become the go-to farming pool on Polygon? Overtaking Dex like sushi,quickswap, dfyn ….

Jupiter, [23.08.21 09:35]

[In reply to BAJI KEISUKE | Don't worry Man]

We're doin' it! We are only 60 days old and we created the governance token that projects have adopted. We, also surprised everyone with the parallel layer: Neptune. Now the never-before-seen on Polygon NFT Multipliers. x

Innovation and creativity!

And man oh man do we have some incredible ideas in the funnel

Alejandro, [23.08.21 09:11]

The 2X NFT multipliers are cool. Will they be working for all upcoming layers in the zodiac missions?

Venus, [23.08.21 09:33]

[In reply to Alejandro]


Zen, [23.08.21 09:11]

What are some of the ideas you guys have to sustain the price of native tokens, instead of having it trend to zero like most farms?

Venus, [23.08.21 09:34]

[In reply to Zen]

We plan to add more and more utility and use case to each of our natives for exactly that reason!

Get it, [23.08.21 09:11]

While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

Venus, [23.08.21 09:35]

[In reply to Get it]

Yup! We take the opinions and suggestions from our governance/community token holders, $LEO, very strongly. Eventually at the end of the 12 zodiac seasons the project ownership and operation entirely will be handed to the DAO community. We strongly believe in growing together as a whole and considering everyone’s opinion on how the project should be laid out.

CanadaGcrypto, [23.08.21 09:11]

Could we expect to see in the next layers after NFTs some games or other functions? (As marketplace)

Second question

Venus, [23.08.21 09:37]

[In reply to CanadaGcrypto]

Mayyybe 😉😎

BAJI KEISUKE | Don't worry Man, [23.08.21 09:11]

How are you going to ensure the safety of user’s assets?

Can you please tell us about the Audit and other aspects of security?

Jupiter, [23.08.21 09:21]

[In reply to BAJI KEISUKE | Don't worry Man]

We do EVERYTHING we can to ensure the safety of investors!

HAYZA FAUZA, [23.08.21 09:11]

can you explain now how is your Tokenomics Distribution? And how many $VIRGO tokens will be minted? And also How many $VIRGO tokens will the team lock?

Jupiter, [23.08.21 09:42]

[In reply to HAYZA FAUZA]

We have not provided a supply cap for Virgo at this time. Virgo was deployed with an initial supply of Virgo was 10,000. It will start on block 18340000 with an emission rate of 0.05/block. You can view our WP for all details. As well, no tokens are ever minted to the team. Our goal has always and, will always be, to make it as fair for every individual investor as possible.

** Not Answered during AMA: We put a 370 Day DX Liquidity Lock on all launches.

danie groves, [23.08.21 09:11]

Many projects on a daily basis promise great utilities and functionalities, but they end up throwing the carpet days after the presale, how do you really know that your project will not throw the carpet? What guarantee do investors have?????

Venus, [23.08.21 09:43]

[In reply to danie groves]

We don’t believe in presale for this reason actually! We see that a lot of pre sale tokens end up being dumped and hurting the project and investors alike.

We have liquidity locks and have never minted a single token to ourselves for the well-being and longevity of the project. Investors have our upmost attention when it comes to security and trust as we want this to be a place investors can come and safely deposit and invest and collectively win together.

We have also been through a RugDoc KYC twice now to instil even more confidence in the project and to show we are here for the long run and to only benefit our users and community.

Dfg Hgg, [23.08.21 09:11]

NFT is gaining popularity with distance today. It seems that NFT has a bright future. So do you have any plans to include NFT in your project.

Jupiter, [23.08.21 09:44]

[In reply to Dfg Hgg]

YES!! I mean, who doesn't love bonus multiplier rewards! For example, let's say you bought the full set of NFT PowerUPS. This would be a 2X or, 100% reward.

So, if you deposit $1000, you are being rewarded like you invested $2000. If you deposit $20,000, you are being rewarded like you invested $40,000.

Jupiter, [23.08.21 09:46]

Well you have to do your own math to find out if its feasible for you. As far as slowing down, we've only had them released for 36 hours and we are still a growing community. 😊

Jupiter, [23.08.21 09:50]

[In reply to Dfg Hgg]

We chose to do this because we knew that the #AstroFam would love the bonuses and, it provides us with a very unique way to provide liquidity for $LEO and burning the other tokens automatically with a 50% autoburn on purchase, allows us to help stabilize their prices.

marsa, [23.08.21 09:11]

Hello, sir




Most Investors are very afraid to invest in a new project because of the large number of carpet recalls and exit scams. How can you be sure that there will be no chance of fraud and that I can afford it?

Venus, [23.08.21 09:47]

[In reply to marsa]

Yes I totally agree as I’ve experience many rug pulls in the past myself as an investor. The space is surely filled with them unfortunately..

We have gone through 2 RugDoc KYC’s now to show people this won’t happen in AstroFarms,

Also we have ZERO dev tokens and have not and will never mint any tokens to ourselves as we believe in 100% fair stealth launches giving everyone an equal opportunity.

We also have liquidity locks in place and with all this giving confidence ti investors that they can’t be dumped on or rugged.

Agatha | I WILL NEVER DM YOU FOR FUND, [23.08.21 09:12]

What is the process for migrating from 1 layer to the next? How does the value of Neptune token play into the next layer? Or is the last one holding the old layer token will get rekt?


Venus, [23.08.21 09:49]

[In reply to Agatha | I WILL NEVER DM YOU FOR FUND]

You are able to stake previous layer tokens in subsequent layers and farms giving it use case and farming utility. This way nobody holding previous layer tokens is stuck being burnt upon new layers.

Actually, we have seen massive spikes in price in cancer on the launch of Neptune and we have an expectation to see that again with future layers and previous layer tokens!

Alexa rawnie, [23.08.21 09:12]


When it comes to platforms like #ASTROFRAMS,security is a fundamental pillar. What are the security protocols that you have included in your platform to protect all the assets and products of your main commercial partners and users? How invulnerable are they to malicious #attacks?

Jupiter, [23.08.21 09:52]

[In reply to Alexa rawnie]

While there are always risks of exploit, we are doing everything in our power to ensure that this doesn't happen to our investors by vulnerabilities in our coding. Full Paladin Audits, RugDoc reviews and running tests are all a part of our plan!

Yasmin, [23.08.21 09:12]

I am frequent products buyer and online shopping fan.can you tell me which products are avaliable and what are the payment mode? Is only your token or btc/eth also?

[In reply to Yasmin]

I think you are referencing the merchandise? You can view the products at Currently, the payment method is USD. There is not really a great way to include crypto payments at this time. I do hear that Shopify is close though!

Daniel Xavier, [23.08.21 09:12]

Hello : @AstroDevJupiter

"AstroBurn ratio 1:1 For every $NEPTUNE token minted, one will be minted to the 0xDead (burn) Address.".. Does It means that maintains Circulating token Supply? or Reducing farming peroid? I can not understand what it means. Sorry for poor question. Have a good day~ Fantastic this project.

Venus, [23.08.21 09:52]

[In reply to Daniel Xavier]

The 1:1 Astro burn was only in place on the Neptune mission layer. Essentially it is as though only the emission was being rewarded to farmers in AstroFarms Neptune because the other half is burnt. This increases supply but decreases circulating supply.

Yeild Farming, [23.08.21 09:12]

Is the FIRE in your project powering your revolutionary staking & Yeild Farming group? What structure do you use in $VIRGO tokens , Is there a possibility for investors to get rewards on holding?

Venus, [23.08.21 09:53]

[In reply to Yeild Farming]

Yes we are a Yield Farm and DeFi staking project. Virgo holders will see the best multipliers in our Virgo farm as it is the native token! So yes great rewards for Virgo token holders

IF MY COIN WILL HIT $10 I'll SHAKE MY DICK, [23.08.21 09:12]

What the mechanisms strategies do you use to keep users motivated and present on Astrology Farms? What can the project platform guarantee or promise in terms of the security and privacy of its users?

Jupiter, [23.08.21 09:56]

[In reply to IF MY COIN WILL HIT $10 I'll SHAKE MY DICK]

Well we've done nothing short of keep people motivated to stay in our project. I'd have to say again here, spend a little time in our LEO: Kings group and you will see... Innovation and creativity and doing what other (even larger) projects are not even thinking about yet! We aim to do this by staying in the forefront of the space.

For security: KYC, Paladin, RugDoc, No minting to team, stealth launches... Everything we do is to build trust with the community!

Sumi aktar, [23.08.21 09:12]

💖💖Good day sir💖💖

Can you list killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident abou❣️❣️

Jupiter, [23.08.21 09:58]

[In reply to Sumi aktar]

LEO community token with 100 max supply

New NFT Bonus Multipliers

And incredible things in store!!!

Slebew ., [23.08.21 09:12]

We know Nowadays For Decentralized Exchanges, Liquidity is a major issue as compared to centralized ones. What's the way Astrofarm solves this problem and creates liquidity for DEX which is different from CEX? And do you have a better plan to expand business opportunities in other sectors that are also very POPULAR today such as Betting, Lottery Games or Real estate maybe?‌‌

Venus, [23.08.21 09:56]

[In reply to Slebew .]

For each layer we have increased the initial liquidity we have added. This is something we will continue to do in coming layers.

And for the second part, yes absolutely! We have many plans for things like games, lottery, and more! Stay tuned in our @AstrologyFarms tg group for announcements and details on this coming soon!

Venus, [23.08.21 09:59]

Thanks guys! Come join us on Twitter @ and make sure to get involved in our telegram group @AstrologyFarms ✨🔮🙃

Jupiter, [23.08.21 09:59]

Thank you for having us! You can join us here:


Official Telegram:

Telegram Leo: Kings of the Zodiac. Community / Governance / 1st Stealth Launches Alerts and More

Telegram Announcement Channel:

Jupiter, [23.08.21 09:53]

Jupiter, [23.08.21 10:00]

We look so forward to exploring the galaxy with you all!!!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 10:01]

Thanks for your time

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 10:01]

See you soon!

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 10:01]


The Miracle | ZTH ₑₓₚₑcₜ cₕₐₒₛ, [23.08.21 10:01]

Damn, Crazy answer all question!

The Miracle | ZTH ₑₓₚₑcₜ cₕₐₒₛ, [23.08.21 10:02]

This is really great AMA ever

marsa, [23.08.21 10:02]

Great ama😘

"Hopeless Romantic" ||KOI||, [23.08.21 10:02]

Great ama and Amazing project ❤️

Angelrekt, [23.08.21 10:02]

Be the pump be with us

The Miracle | ZTH ₑₓₚₑcₜ cₕₐₒₛ, [23.08.21 10:02]

[In reply to Angelrekt]

Pump it to mars

Angelrekt, [23.08.21 10:02]

After I will buy Virgo

The Miracle | ZTH ₑₓₚₑcₜ cₕₐₒₛ, [23.08.21 10:03]

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Tolga, [23.08.21 10:03]

What an effort Venus incredible

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 10:04]

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This video on YouTube was so nice

The Miracle | ZTH ₑₓₚₑcₜ cₕₐₒₛ, [23.08.21 10:04]

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Hahaa lmao, I haven't seen it yet.

GP {BETODRIVE}, [23.08.21 10:05]

Happy that you like the AMA guys!

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