RugDoc KYC

Because the stars don't lie.

Scorpio Mission

*Note, some risk comes from not doing a KYC on this layer. For full details on why we don't support RugDoc and Paladin on this Medium Article. Timelock will be in place.

Libra Mission

*Note, some risk comes from not doing a KYC on this layer. That's because it cost $5000 to KYC for each layer. We felt we could use that money for investors to earn since we've KYC'd on the last two layers and the code is the same for Libra as it was the code used (which was fully Paladin Audited) on the Virgo Layer. In addition, we felt no need to spend thousands to have Paladan audit the same code twice.

Virgo Mission

Neptune Mission

It's no secret that we are learning! We are thankful for the incredible support as we grow with our community and our project. They asked for a KYC with RugDoc for the Neptune Mission. We delivered. And Luckily! We made a big oops after countless nights of no sleep putting this next step together. Our Emission Schedule is 1:1!! We are in the process of correcting this Error. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Update July 23, 2021

The devaddress has been changed to the 0xDead wallet to ensure all the 1:1 emission rewards being minted to the dev wallet are auto burned!! 🔥🔥🔥

Cancer Mission

Fork of Goose Finance

We are a fork of Goose, with the migrator removed. Goose Finance itself, has undergone many audits.

We are in no way affiliated with Goose Finance.

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